Neue Deutschkurse in Berlin

My First German Book

Ich bin Rok uas Korea. I wohne in Berlin. Ich arbeite nicht aber lerne Deutsch. This is what I do in Berlin now. Deutsch Lernen!

The reason why I decided to come to Berlin among the cities in Germany was that I thought I could live without German language. As soon as I arrived, I realized that how stupid thought it is. I need to learn German language if I survive even in Berlin. Berlin is also in Germany! That is obvious but I didn’t know. Many people told me I could live only in English. Yes, in some aspect, I can but it’s not true. Then, I would like to learn proper German language step by step and start finding a good academy. Here Deutsch Akademie is the one I choose! I am really satisfied now and studying German. Tschuss!T

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