Let me introduce how to make this amazing toast!

Do you know what it is?

This is the hottest toast in Korea nowadays. I am in Berlin but it’s really easy to get to know about abroad’s news because of the internet. On SNS, many Korean eat this toast called „Jeonnamchin Toast“ which means toast made by ex-boyfriend. There is a story about this. After one couple broke up, ex-girlfriend kept thinking of the toast made by ex-boyfriend. Therefore, she texted him and asked what jam he used. He answered that was blueberry jam. That is the situation he could misunderstand that she cannot forget him yet. Few days later, she wondered what cream cheese brand was so texted him again. He let her know. She just wanted to know the delicious toast only! Aren’t you curious how delicious it is?

As the person eating this, it really is. I mean it.

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