Life in Berlin

In the beginning, I was not sure whether I liked here or not. But now I can tell you I am sure I love here!

There are three reasons that I love Berlin.

  1. Friends ▷ I met some friends here. We eat out, hang out together and sometimes go on a picnic when the weather is good. The picture is about the day when I joined the picnic with my Berliner friends.
  2. Nature ▶ There are so many parks in Berlin. Also, we could enjoy nature very nearby ourselves in Berlin. We can hear the sound of birds and watch the green and blue wherever we are in Berlin. That is amazing.
  3. Culture ▷ Since I came here, I’ve become a vegan. I am interested in vegan diet and also considering environment as well. And Berlin is the best place I think of that and live without any harmful waste lifestyle.

How about living in Berlin?

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