Let’s start…

Since it is my first entry (the easiest one I would say), I would like to start in English (and maybe even a little bit in German). I would try to introduce myself in two foreign languages (what a task! Please do not rely on my use of the language as a tool for learning) and still keep the essence that characterizes my personality.

But let’s start. Let’s try. Because one of the things that certainly constitutes myself is the “adventurous-being” (another one, you will see it, is the use of insolent-self-made-neologisms, especially in Spanish, my mother tongue).

Here we go:
Ich bin Luisa Fernanda Barbosa Gómez (meine Lehrerin hat ein mal gesagt: Bitte buchstabierst du deinen Name, so haben ihre Klassenkameraden eine schwierige Übung). Ich habe in Bucaramanga geboren, die achtgrößte Stadt in Kolumbien, aber ich bin nach Bogotá seit 12 Jahren ausgezogen. Jetzt lebe ich in Bonn und ich mache einen A2.1 Deutschkurs.

This is meThis is me, in the typical picture with the Dom and the bridge on the back.

Although I have been asked a thousand times about what I like, my hobbies and a short description of myself (as you all probably have also been asked), whenever I face this question I start thinking as if it was the first time. And I need to say: it is always difficult to answer (especially when you are restricted by the few words you just learned during class). There are so many things coming into my mind, and so many that I feel it would look stupid to say. So basically, after analysing the pros and contras of the many ideas for describing me, I came up (for this unique time, without any certainty of consistency after repeated trials) with this:

I am a biologist, fan of pure sciences, of the roller-coaster-nature of life, of mixed cultures and blended languages, of food, water, sleep and travelling. I am part of a warm (adorable) big family that constitutes everything I have become. Almost 11 months ago I left my country, my family, friends, traditions and language to come to Germany. Since then I am living in Bonn, doing a master of Neurosciences in the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn and trying to stick into this whole new culture.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to be here and grow both academically and personally. And now, I am glad I can share some of my experience during this German course and my time in Berlin… I hope it is useful, entertaining and funny, but most of all I hope that these short entries push the readers to lose themselves into the labyrinths of the imagination.

Luisa's familyAnd those are my immediate family members: my parents and my younger brother.
Here, in the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

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