That’s all folks!

We’ve laughed, we’ve watched movies, we’ve met new people, we’ve spoke German. We made exercises, we had homework, we played games. We added new friends on Facebook, we drank coffees, we listened to music and to short fiction stories. We spent Easter, we ate chocolate. We’ve played different roles and spoke with different accents.

But as all good things come to an end, it’s time for my Deutsch Akademie class to end as well. For the second timeJ Today, as B2.1 ends, I have to admit it wasn’t bad at all. Not only that my German has improved, not only that I have more courage to speak – with mistakes, but still… – not only that I know more about Germany and German personalities, but I met really nice people and made really good friends I hope to stay in touch with. People from Japan, Macedonia, Spain, Italy, Denmark and so on. And to me, this is absolutely priceless.

Right now I am taking a break. For a month or two. And then, I’m planning to be back for B2.2.  Hopefully, for a new class filled with joy and good time. I wish you all the best with your study and, if ever interested in more info or just to chat a bit in German, send me an e-mail at

For now…that’s all folks!

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