Alles ist möglich

Thursday again. Last course-day of the week. It’s just like Friday for those who really work… since I am just „a student“. It’s really funny when I think about it. I remember like yesterday when I was 18 and wanted to study in order to get a good job and make a descent living. After having finished the undergraduate studies, I worked for a while and then I realized that I needed more studies to get an even better job. And there it was the master’s degree. As a result I got myself a better job. And then came the move to Germany and consequently the need to learn the language in order to…guess what… get a job…If this is not history repeated, then what it is?

Berlin, slowly but steadily is showing us its lighter side. The day is becoming slightly bigger and the weather is suspiciously mild. Is it me, or things are really getting better? On verra…

Our cultural department has pointed out the “Lange Nacht (let me think… genitiv und plural equals “der”…yesss) der Museen”. More info @

And the habit that had become cult…our live section…well today is not exactly live but then again rules are to be broken. Inspired from today’s course with some interesting footage in the beginning and at the end of the video (and somewhere in the middle a part that reminds -for those who know- illegal film streaming from Russian cinema…)

Ladies and gentleman, the White Thin Duke (once again in this section) this time singing…auf Deutsch…reminding us that our German is not as bad as we believe…

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