The Selfish French Fries

Today, was one of these days that I would rather send quickly to oblivion… Bad mood and wrong timing in many aspects…That today’s societies are characterized from increased selfishness and a general lack of respect towards human values is not something new. Unfortunately, these things are becoming more and more evident even in microenvironments such as that of a neighborhood, a classroom etc. I don’t want to criticize anything or anyone in particular because I feel this is unfair and ultimately useless. I would rather like to express my disappointment.

On the other hand, since I don’t want to sound pessimistic, I would also like to add that I see more and more people expressing actively their dislike for specific behaviors and phenomena. That’s definitely encouraging. The more we get involved, the more we can make a difference!

For tonight, one of my favorite bands of all times, in an amazing live….

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