My German classes in Berlin


This Monday I was unable to go to Deutsch Akademie as I was feeling unwell – each time I feel unwell these days I worry about schwine grippe! Fortunately it wasn’t schwine grippe at all, I was fine after a day taking it easy :) I also spent most of the day studying my German so as not to get behind.

I think what I like best about my German classes in Berlin at the Deutsch Akademie is that the classes are small and the teachers are very attentive. I have a lot of difficulty learning languages and I also feel shy about speaking in front of a group. Under these circumstances, it is really helpful to be in a small group – its much less intimidating! Its also helpful to have an attentive teacher. I imagine in larger classes you wouldn’t get as much individual help. The current teacher I have has been my favourite so far. She is very good at explaining things and you don’t feel stupid if you need to have the same thing explained more than once!

What motivates me to learn German on a daily basis is the desire to understand what people are talking about! There are also a lot of things that would be easier if I knew German…like dealing with problems for instance! When my heating wasn’t working in my apartment I found it hard to get it fixed, and the reason I still do not have my own internet connection despite living in my apartment for 5 months is because I havent figured out the necerssary German! So this is something I hope to do soon.

As I wasnt at Deutsch Akademie today I have taken a picture of my coffee break at home!

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