German placement test - for all language levels

We will find the right German course for you

How good are my German skills? Many people only have a vague idea. At the DeutschAkademie, however, we want you to attend exactly the German course in which you can learn best. And we will find out together with you - using our free online German placement test. It is based on the 12-level model of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in order to provide you with a comparable result.

Einstufung Deutschkurs A1-C2

Our German placement test

With our detailed written and oral placement test, we can determine your previous knowledge so that you can find the German course that suits you perfectly.

Why is a German placement test so important?

Our experience shows that homogeneous learning groups are best suited to achieving fast and sustainable learning success with adults in terms of language level. After all, who learns in a relaxed manner when they are under or overchallenged? And in both cases you usually lose time and money. This is why a precise assessment of your previous knowledge is so important. Let us work with you to find out how good your German language skills currently are. The result of our placement test will show you exactly at which language level from A1 to C2 you are.

What does the German placement test consist of?

Our placement test takes about 10 to 40 minutes. It consists of a written part and, if the results are unclear, an oral part. Your German language skills are assessed in terms of vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension and grammar.

How does the German placement test work?

Our recommendations in advance:

Do not guess.

Only click on the answers you are sure of and skip the questions you do not know the answer to.

Do not use any help.

Please take the placement test on your own and without the help of dictionaries or online translation tools.

Do it at your own pace.

Don't rush: Take our placement test at a quiet time and in a relaxed atmosphere.

How the test works

  1. Create an account in our webshop.
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  2. Take the German placement test.
    If the results are clear, your language level will be displayed immediately after completion and you can book a course.
  3. If the results are unclear, an oral test will follow.
    If an oral test is required, you will be asked to take part in an oral placement test via an individual link after completing the written test. This oral test only takes a few minutes and can take place at any time. Simply click on the link, which you will also find in your profile, and follow the instructions.


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We now wish you fun and success with the German placement test and with your further learning!

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