My German lessons in Berlin

Hallo! It’s amazing how quickly I’m picking up words. Even in the English speaking community in which I work, there’s lots of German phrases floating around. As I learn my way around the city, I’m picking up words for how to get around. The U-Bahn and the buses are amazingly efficient- even for a huge city like Berlin. I still get lost and so knowing rechts, links, and stadtplan can get me pretty far!

But by far, I’m learning the most German in class! Our class is a great interesting mix of people. There are only 8 people in my class, which lets us have plenty of time to practice and speak. I have a classmate from Malta (Malta), France (Frankreich), Hungary (Ungarn), Japan (Japan), Korea (Korea), and two others from the US. Today we also learned how to ask about each others professions: Was bist du von Beruf? We’re slowly learning the answers!

I am really appreciating the interactive nature of our class. With workbooks, small groups, and lots of repetition, I’m picking up a bit each day. I’m looking forward to next German lessons in Berlin!

Bis spater!

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