My German course in Berlin

The classroom that we use in DeutschAkademie is new. And there is a German dictionary on the desk when we need it.

After I finished my master in English, I want to find a job in Germany in order to have more experiences. Hence, I need to improve my German within a short period. I think, the intensive German course in Berlin at the DeutschAkademie will definitely help me.

Our teacher, Nora, she is always very patient and helpful. She always tries her best to help us. For example, when we were doing lesson about „job application“, she helped us to correct our CVs and cover letters. I find it very helpful that she always writes new words on the board then we can copy them. The next class, we will play a memorizing game. That is: Nora writes around 10 new words on the board which we learned yesterday. We use 2 minutes to keep them in our minds. We try to write as many words as we can without looking on the board in order to train our concentration and memorizing. It is a very good review for new vocabuary.

And now, I am looking forward to the Freiluftkino that we are going together! I will talk about it next time!

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