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German courses in Munich - Language School Munich


learn German in Munich: low-priced - central - practical



€ 265,-

3 hours/day, Mon-Thu, 4 weeks


- maximum 10 participants

- in the centre of Munich (Stachus)

- excellent teachers





Deutschkurse an der DeutschAkademie



Over 5000 satisfied participants a year!


Learn German in small groups


In a group of 5 to maximum 10 participants you will have considerably more opportunity to speak and therefore learn German quicker. Take advantage of this opportunity in your German course in Munich!

Kleingruppen - maximal 9 Teilnehmer in Ihrem Deutschkurs  in München


A German course right in the middle of Munich


Your German course will take place right in the centre of Munich, close to the Stachus. You can reach us quickly and easily and you don’t lose any valuable time. After your German course you will have the opportunity to discover Munich, the capital city of Bavaria.


Deutschkurse mitten im Zentrum von München


Qualified German teachers


You will be taught by qualified German teachers who are interested in and committed to you learning German successfully. Our German teachers have the distinction of having an academic qualification, teaching experience and a pleasure in teaching.


Qualifizierte Deutschlehrer an der Deutschakademie München

Practical course times


The German course at the DeutschAkademie in Munich has practical course times: learn German from 9-12 a.m., 12 a.m. – 3 p.m., 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. or 6p.m. to 9 p.m.!


Quickly register for your German course now and secure a place in the course at your most preferred time!  


4 unterschiedliche  Kurszeiten



12 course levels for a better grading


12 course levels enable an accurate and individual assessment process for the German course in Munich.


Why don’t you do the free assessment test right now!


12 Kursstufen für unsere Deutschkurse in München

Discover Munich after your German course


After your German course in Munich you can enjoy cozy coffee houses, numerous beer gardens, huge stores and small boutiques in the middle of the centre of Munich. You can look forward to a cold beer or an enjoyable shopping excursion and in this way you become acquainted with everyday life in Munich.



Abwechslungsreiche Freizeit nach dem Deutsch lernen in München




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DeutschAkademie Munich

Language school for German Courses

Sonnenstraße 8 (Stachus)

D-80331 München







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happy student from the German course in Munich
"Hi! I´m so happy with my German course at DeutschAkademie: small number of participants and very good teachers!"


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