Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm-Zentrum

Today I met a friend for lunch in the cafeteria of „Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm-Zentrum“, Germany’s biggest free access library which belongs to Humboldt University. I thought that I had at least passed by all the important and watch-worthy buildings in Berlin but I had apparently missed this one.  It’s impressive from outside and inside. The marble facade of the building reminds you of a book shelf.  It’s a classic and geometric building. It’s named after the „German Legends“ Brothers Grimm, the authors of children’s tales. The library is only three years old. The central reading hall is the building’s core. With its strict symmetry and impressive galleries it creates a common culture space in the sense of the “old library”.

I had a nice tour of the library and a good lunch. I highly recommend visiting this building not only for its architectural value but also a fun place to meet young people.

Enjoy the photos.

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