Döner in Istanbul vs. Germany

Blog 7 von Ömer,

Hallo Leute,

It would not be wrong to say that Döner is the most famous fast-food dish in Turkey. In fact, Döner kebab has now become an international dish. There is a chance to find a Döner restaurant in every city you can visit.

I was able to find a Döner restaurant in Prague, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Granada, Bruges, Budapest, Paris, in short, everywhere.

However, Germany has stood out in this regard in other countries. Germany may be the country where you can find the most Döner restaurants in the world after Turkey.

The Differences

I would like to start by talking about a well-known mistake, the real name of what we eat is Döner, not Döner Kebab. Kebab is a different type of food. So, they are two different foods.

Returns to Germany came with Turkish Gastarbeiter. It has spread all over Germany, especially with the taste of the Döner made in a place called Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap in Berlin.

However, the döner you eat in Germany is completely different from the one in Turkey.

Firtly, the taste of the meat is different. Personally, I find the quality of meat in Turkey much better. However, you can taste the real meat in the Döner you will eat at a good Döner restaurant in Turkey.

Meat is fatter than in Hamburg. Talking about Germany, I think the taste of Döner meat is a bit blander. Above all, sauces and vegetables come to the fore in Germany.

As far as I can taste, tzatziki sauce, curry sauce, salsa, and cocktail sauces are very popular in Hamburg. Additionally, cucumber, tomato, iceberg, and cooked vegetables can be added to the Döner kebab.

In Istanbul, almost none of these are included in the Döner kebab. The Döner there is usually served with very few french fries, green peppers and tomatoes.

Therefore, I have to say that the Döner I ate in Hamburg and the Döner I ate in Istanbul is completely different. I would like to give two restaurant recommendations from both cities.


The Döner kebabs of places called Uni Döner and Tuana Döner und Mehr in Hamburg were delicious. In Istanbul, I recommend Bayramoğlu Döner and Dönerbank in Beyazıt.

Enjoy your meal.