Meine Freundin oder eine Freundin von mir!

Blog 14 by Ashish

Moin everyone and welcome back!

Friendship and love are common in every culture. Although we all come from different cultures, we have similar emotions and feelings for love and friendship. It is an interesting topic for everyone and we all had a lot of fun discussing this during our class.

To my surprise, I learnt that there is no word for girlfriend or boyfriend in German. It simply has one word: Friend. And, depending on the context, it describes whether we are talking about girlfriend or boyfriend or simply a friend. For example, if I say “Sie ist eine Freundin von mir”, it means that “She is my friend”. And if I say “Sie ist meine Freundin”, it means that “She is my girlfriend”.

Maybe, most of you already know about this. But, what I want to point out is that the conversations for native and non-native Germans can get humorous and sometimes embarrassing. It is a beginner’s mistake. However, while learning a language one should not be shy of making mistakes. More the mistakes, more the fun! In the end, one shall master the language while enjoying the process of learning.

Viel Spaß!

Ashish (@ashes.kk)

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