Blog 9 von Ömer

Hallo Leute,

The library has been one of the most important sources of information for people since the invention of writing until Google was invented.

It is possible to find at least one library in every city in the world. Some libraries are magnificent architectural structures designed with very beautiful architecture. The ambiance in these libraries is quite impressive. There have been times when I went to libraries just to enjoy that ambiance. In fact, when I go to a new city, my priority has been to find the most beautiful library in that city (after I’ve had my fill:) ).

There are also many libraries in Hamburg. The most important of these is Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky.

However, the departmental libraries of the University of Hamburg are also very functional. I am among those who use the law school library quite frequently.

Although there are sufficient libraries in Hamburg, I can say that it lags behind other cities in terms of architecturally impressive libraries. For instance, there are no magnificent libraries in Hamburg, such as the Clementinum in Prague, the Beyazıt State Library in Istanbul, the Admond Abbey Library in Austria, and the Escorial Library in Spain. However, Hamburg libraries are quite adequate in terms of the works they contain.

The work areas are very meticulous. The only thing missing is that the libraries are not open 24 hours. In my opinion, libraries are places that should never be closed. We do not know when people will need information.

Finally, I must say that after Google was invented, libraries functioned mostly as students‘ study places. For this reason, I think that every library should at least have comfortable sofa beds to sleep in.

Bye, your Ömer

Are cats always considered a pet or should they live in nature?

Blog 8 von Ömer

Hallo Leute,

One day in my German course there was a discussion about cats. I said that I could not see any cats on the street in Germany and I found it strange.

Another friend of ours stated that this is normal, that cats are pets and that they should only live in houses. In Istanbul, the city where I lived before I came to Germany, more than a million cats live on the streets. People treat cats living on the streets very well and feed them. Municipalities regularly provide food and build small cat houses on the streets.

In this respect, it would not be wrong to say that cats are well received in Istanbul. As far as I know, no animals living on the streets other than birds are allowed in Germany. If a cat or dog is seen on the street, this is reported to the relevant authority and these animals are confiscated. However, many people have cats or dogs at home.

Here comes the question: is the cat a housewife or can it live on the street?

In my opinion, cats, unlike dogs, are not very attached to their sense of ownership. They are more free-spirited than dogs. Although humans have domesticated cats, the hunting instinct in cats is still not lost. Many cats still hunt small insects such as flies and spiders in their homes. In fact, according to our German teacher, his own cat sometimes even hunts birds.

Again, cats are more inclined to run away from home than dogs, in my opinion. Two of my very close friends‘ cats ran away from home because they forgot the door was open.

This suggests to me that cats are still not fully domesticated. As a big cat fan, I’m a big fan of freeing cats. Let the cats live the way they want. I am one of those who prefer streets with cats to streets without cats. What is your opinion about this theme?

Your Ömer

Döner in Istanbul vs. Germany

Blog 7 von Ömer,

Hallo Leute,

It would not be wrong to say that Döner is the most famous fast-food dish in Turkey. In fact, Döner kebab has now become an international dish. There is a chance to find a Döner restaurant in every city you can visit.

I was able to find a Döner restaurant in Prague, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Granada, Bruges, Budapest, Paris, in short, everywhere.

However, Germany has stood out in this regard in other countries. Germany may be the country where you can find the most Döner restaurants in the world after Turkey.

The Differences

I would like to start by talking about a well-known mistake, the real name of what we eat is Döner, not Döner Kebab. Kebab is a different type of food. So, they are two different foods.

Returns to Germany came with Turkish Gastarbeiter. It has spread all over Germany, especially with the taste of the Döner made in a place called Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap in Berlin.

However, the döner you eat in Germany is completely different from the one in Turkey.

Firtly, the taste of the meat is different. Personally, I find the quality of meat in Turkey much better. However, you can taste the real meat in the Döner you will eat at a good Döner restaurant in Turkey.

Meat is fatter than in Hamburg. Talking about Germany, I think the taste of Döner meat is a bit blander. Above all, sauces and vegetables come to the fore in Germany.

As far as I can taste, tzatziki sauce, curry sauce, salsa, and cocktail sauces are very popular in Hamburg. Additionally, cucumber, tomato, iceberg, and cooked vegetables can be added to the Döner kebab.

In Istanbul, almost none of these are included in the Döner kebab. The Döner there is usually served with very few french fries, green peppers and tomatoes.

Therefore, I have to say that the Döner I ate in Hamburg and the Döner I ate in Istanbul is completely different. I would like to give two restaurant recommendations from both cities.


The Döner kebabs of places called Uni Döner and Tuana Döner und Mehr in Hamburg were delicious. In Istanbul, I recommend Bayramoğlu Döner and Dönerbank in Beyazıt.

Enjoy your meal.

Turkish Literature

Blog 6 von Ömer 

Turkey is generally known for its beautiful nature, magnificent beaches, and quite delicious food. However, I think the other important thing to know about Turkey is literature.

Turkish literature is unlucky. Because, like the novels written in other languages, it has not been translated into foreign languages ​​enough. If we can read Borges, Honore de Balzac, Dostoevsky, Dante, Umberto Eco, Goethe, Murakami today, it is thanks to the fact that their books have been widely translated into foreign languages, especially English.

However, writers in Turkish literature have not been as lucky as their counterparts. However, if enough translations are made, Turkish Literature will be able to get the attention it deserves. Here I would like to talk about the limited number of translated books.

The Time Regulation Institute

The first book I want to talk about is Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar’s „The Time Regulation Institute“. This novel is very successful in the field of dark humor.

He humorously describes the bureaucracy problem in Turkey in the 1950s. When you read the book and see that similar problems are experienced even today, you can understand how predictive the author is and how successful his observation skills are. Also, it’s hard not to smile while reading the book. The book has been translated into German under the name „Das Uhrenstellinstitut“.

Madonna in a Fur Coat

The second work I want to talk about is the novel „Madonna in a Fur Coat“ by the author Sabahattin Ali. This book, like the other, has been translated into German.

The German name of the book is „Die Madonna im Pelzmantel“. This novel, on the other hand, tells the grief experienced by an officer who was sent to Germany for a short time, falling in love with a woman and then having to return to Istanbul. In fact, the novel is built on the following question; Do we fall in love with a person or the impression that person creates on us? I recommend this short novel, which cannot be considered a classic romance novel, to anyone who has fallen in love at least once in their life.

These two books can be a good start to getting acquainted with Turkish literature.

Bye for now,



Blog 5 von Ömar

Hallo Leute,

In this article, I would like to talk about the team I support, Galatasaray. It would not be wrong to say that football is the most well-known sport that was found in Europe and spread to the world.

Many people have identified advocacy with their lives. I can say that I have experienced this in Germany. Especially If you walk around the Reeperbahn on the day of the Pauli game, you’ll know what I mean.

The situation is not different in Turkey. People watch their team’s games every weekend.


Since I was 5 years old, I have tried to watch all the matches between Galatasaray on TV or in the stadium. Galatasaray is a football team founded in 1905. The club takes its name from Galatasaray High School, which was founded in 1481. Galatasaray High School is still recognized as one of the best and most well-established high schools in Turkey.

Anyone who graduates from this high school can become a natural member of the Galatasaray club.

The Club’s colors are yellow and red. A deep sweet red with a hint of cherry and a rich yellow with traces of orange. The Club plays its matches in front of 55 thousand people at Ali Sami Yen Stadium.

As of the current situation, Gala has become the champion of the Turkish League 23 times. However, the Club’s most important achievement is the UEFA Cup which was won by beating Arsenal in 2000, and the Super Cup which was won by beating Real Madrid (Los Galacticos) right after.

Galatasaray, which has participated in the Champions League many times, is a very popular club around the world, although the Club has not been successful in recent years. Fenerbahce and Beşiktaş, other important rivals in the Turkish League, have never been as successful as Galatasaray and have not won a cup in Europe.

Loving Galatasaray is unrequited. Being fascinated by those colors, getting excited at the matches, being happy and proud when defeated, being sad when defeated… All of these feelings belong to the fans of Galatasaray. As a result, Galatasaray is a feeling team for people who love these colors.

Bis bald,


Hamburg vs. Istanbul

Bog 4 von Ömer

Hallo Leute,

I have been living in Hamburg for about 4 months. I came here from Istanbul, the city where I have lived all my life. Therefore, I wanted to make a short comparison between the two cities.

Essentially, to make such a comparison, it is necessary to write a very long article, but I would like to talk about it briefly.

Istanbul vs. Hamburg

Firstly, I have to say that Hamburg and Istanbul are two completely different cities. Perhaps the only thing they have in common is that they both have water running through the city.

The Bosphorus against the Elbe River and Alster Lake in Hamburg… Istanbul is a very crowded city, with approximately 20 million people living together with those who have not registered for residence.

About 1.8 million people live in Hamburg. Secondly, I think this population difference is the main reason for the differences between cities.

While traffic is a big problem in Istanbul, it is difficult to say that there is a problem in Hamburg. Many people already use bicycles in Hamburg. (I’m still amazed at how they can ride a bike in cold weather).

In terms of food culture, I have to say that I prefer Istanbul. In my opinion, the preference of those living in Hamburg should be in this direction, because there are dozens of Turkish restaurants in the city.

Life in Hamburg is quite predictable and calm. In Istanbul, on the other hand, it is often more stressful.

One of the biggest differences is that people go home early in Hamburg and there are not many opportunities after 11 o’clock. Istanbul is a city that lives for 24 hours, in other words, Istanbul never sleeps.

Maybe there is much more to write, but I would like to end with a comparison: Living in Hamburg is like watching an art movie. Everything is plain, simple, slow, and predictable.

Living in Istanbul, on the contrary, is like watching an action movie. Everything is exciting, you can’t predict what will happen in the next 5 minutes. Everything is spontaneous. I can say that living in both cities is different but a nice experience.



Planten un Blomen

Blog 3 von Ömer

One of the many beautiful places in Hamburg is the Planten un Blomen Park. This is one of the reasons to love Hamburg.

It is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, traffic, and stress. The park is quite large, it covers an area of ​​​​about 47 hectares. You can enter from Dammtor stop and walk up to St. Pauli. In the park, there are different facilities for visitors such as cafes, walking areas, an ice-skating rink, Hamburg History Museum, benches, single chairs, toilets, etc. It is a place of attraction where people can come together, especially with the activities carried out in the spring and summer months. It is a place you can stop by when you are bored or need calm. The theme of water in the park attracts particular attention.

It is possible to find small ponds everywhere. Even watching the ducks swimming in the ponds is quite enjoyable. My favorite place in the park is the entrance opposite the Heinrich Hertz Tower. Sitting in single chairs by the water, you can think long and hard about life and everything. Just like I did when I wrote this blog.

Tschüss, Ömer

Little Mermaid

Blog 2 von Ömer

Hallo Leute,

In this blog entry, I would like to talk about the Little Mermaid statue (Danish: Den lille Havfrue) located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Copenhagen is a city that draws attention with its architecture. It is possible to see both classical Scandinavian-style architecture and modern architecture in the city.

While many architectural works and sculptures draw attention to the city, one of the most important symbols of the city is the Little Mermaid Statue located in the sea. The statue is located in the port of Langelinie, just outside a beautiful park called Kastellet. The foundation of the statue was laid in 1909, and the statue was unveiled in 1913. This bronze sculpture was made by Edvard Eriksen. Edvard Eriksen built the statue based on his wife.

The inspiration for the statue is the fairy tales of the famous Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. The statue is frequented by tourists going to Copenhagen, a major tourist attraction.

Interestingly, the statue has been vandalized several times. Paint has been spilled many times over different parts of the statue. On one occasion, the statue was beheaded in 1998. In 2020, „Racist Fish“ was written on the stone on which the statue is located. It is really strange that these attacks are happening because the native people of Copenhagen seem quite calm and happy.

If you have been to Copenhagen, it is not recommended to go here without taking a photo. Although, when I talked to many local people, they said that they could not understand why the statue was so famous. Frankly, I agree with them. Copenhagen has many other good things to offer to tourists, for example, delicious food:)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Frohe Ostern !

Blog 14 von Dahye

Hallo Leute!

Verbringt ihr gut Osterferien? Eigentlich sind diese Ferien für mich ein bisschen neu, weil wir in Korea keine Osterferien haben.

Aber ich feierte als Christ auch das Ostern in der Kirche in Korea. Also weiß ich die Bedeutung und wie man es feierte.

Allerdings habe ich normalerweise nur mit Eier es gefeiert, deshalb war ich überrascht darüber,dass der Hase auch ein Symbol des Osterns ist.

Warum ist er das Symbol für Ostern? Ich habe gesucht.

Der Hase ist ein Symbol für die Fruchtbarkeit. Also vielleicht kann man den Hase zu der Wiedergeburt in Beziehung setzen genauso wie Eier.

Aber ich habe keine Ahnung davon, warum es der ‘Gold’ Hase ist. Ich vermute den Grund : weil Gold ein teuere Edelstein ist, oder?

Übrigens sind Osternferien 2022:

Karfreitag 15 April

Samstag 16 April (Kein Feiertag)

Ostern 17 April

Ostermontag 18 April

Wie wird Ostern berechnet?

Ostern ist am ersten Sonntag nach dem ersten Vollmond nach Frühlingsanfang.

Es ist nicht einfach. Aber das Datum ist normalerweise zwischen 22. Mai und 25. April.

Ich habe auch ein Goldhase bekommen.

Sehr süß !

Zum Schluss habe ich gehört,dass viel Geschäfte nach Osterferien Schokolade-Ermäßigung geben! Nicht verpasst bitte das Rabatt,wenn ihr Schokolade mögt.

Eure Dahye 

Asiatische Restaurants in Hamburg – Teil 2

Blog 13 von Dahye

Hallo Leute! Ich stelle weiter noch 2 asiatisches Restaurants vor:


3. Yoshi im Alster – ein japanisches Restaurant

Adresse: Jungfernstieg 16-20, 20354 Hamburg (In der 4. Etage des Alsterhauses)

Montag – Samstag von 12.00 – 22.00 Uhr

Die Lage ist perfekt. Das liegt in der 4 Stock des Alsterhauses. Das Essen in Yoshi ist nicht billig. Aber es gibt Lunch Menü ! (Mon – Fri : 12-15 Uhr)

Besonders ist ‘Yoshi Bento’ vom Mittagstisch eine Empfehlung von meiner Mitbewohnerin!

Ich mag Sushi. Also letztes Mal habe ich Sushi Mix Teller2 gegessen. Super.

Sushi Mix Teller2 besteht aus 12 Nigiri Sushi und 3 Rollen.

In Korea eigentlich sind Rollen nicht so beliebt, weil wir lieber viel Sashimi mögen.

Aber Rollen in Yoshi war sehr lecker.

Trotzdem war Roll mit Gurke nicht mein Stil, waren andere Rollen mit Avocado und Lachs Super. Ich glaube, dass Sushi Mix Teller2 genug für 2 bis 3 Kunden ist.

☜ Sushi Mix Teller2

4. Jawa – ein indonesisches Restaurant

Adresse: Wendenstraße 29, 20097 Hamburg


(Montag – Donnerstag) von 11:30 – 19:00 Uhr

(Freitag) von 11:30 – 22:00 Uhr

(Samstag) von 13:30 – 22:00 Uhr

(Sonntag) Geschlossen


☞ 1 Stunde vor Ladenschluss ist die Küche geschlossen. Brückentage und Feiertage geschlossen.

Ich habe dank meiner indonesischen Freundin hier gefunden. Vielleicht ist hier das Beste indonesische Restaurant in Hamburg.

Eigentlich habe ich keine Erfahrung mit indonesisches Essen in Korea. Aber ich habe schon viel gehört, dass Nasi-goreng und Sate gut schmecken.

☜ Nasi-goreng und Sate

Nasi-goreng ist Bratreis mit Fleisch und Krabben. Sate ist Hähnchenspieße mit Erdnusssoße auf heißer Platte.

Ich finden, die Kombination von Nasi-goreng und Sate empfehlenswert ist.

Nasi-goreng ist ein bisschen scharf und Sate ist wegen Erdnusssoße süß. Etwas Scharfes + etwas Süßes = Manchmal Super.


Ich hoffe, dass ihr diese Restaurants versucht. Dann warte ich auf euere Bewertung! 🙂

Eure Dahye