The diversity of Berlin

Sara, 27. Dezember 2019

I believe that what makes Berlin so amazing is the history behind it. It’s easy to look at a massive park and see it as just that, a park, when in reality it’s so much more. Before visiting touristic sights, I recommend to do a little bit of research to understand the underlying significance of the sight. That way, visitors can truly appreciate the places they are seeing. Another thing I recommend for anyone visiting Berlin is going to different areas and walking around. Every area looks and feels different from the other and is accompanied by different experiences. Each area has a completely different history because the west and east divide. It’s so fascinating to see how this impact is still visible today and brings so much richness to the city. Here is a brief guide of the different neighbourhoods in Berlin:

Mitte: translates to “Middle” and is… well in the centre of Berlin. Most of the sightseeing attractions are in Mitte. This neighbourhood holds most of the chic shops and fancy restaurants.

Prenzlauer Berg: is one of the popular neighborhoods in Berlin as it survived world war 2 with many old buildings left intact. The neighborhood is also known for its healthy food scene. It has more vegan restaurants and organic food shops than anywhere else.

Friedrichshain: is the home of artists and galleries and is known to be young and industrial. The best clubs are located in this neighborhood (Berghain being one of them) and many industrial spaces and venues are available there. There is always a party happening in Friedrichshain.

Kreuzberg: is known as the area with a lot of artists, students, and immigrants. The neighborhood embraces its non-conformity and has a strong multicultural environment.

Charlottenburg: is suburban area of Berlin. It houses families and older individuals.

Wedding: is located north of Mitte and has a lot of historical buildings. A lot of immigrants live there as it an affordable area.

Neukölln: is an up and coming neighborhood. It has the best nightlife in berlin and is filled with bars and cafes. Artists are moving there resulting in many new galleries and vintage stores.



Happy New Year to Everyone!