Step by step into the German language

Blog 4 by Ale

Moin, Moin!

When I arrived in Hamburg, I realized how easy it was to live here speaking only English or Spanish. Many Germans speak Spanish fluently or have some knowledge of the language.  At home, living with my host-family, I speak Spanish to improve their level. On weekends, I meet a Colombian friend and we communicate in Spanish. I must say that although I was able to improve my English when I arrived in Germany, I didn’t want to. How come? Because I’m living in Germany and people here speak German. I also wanted to fully integrate into the culture and society. The best way to do that is by speaking the official language.

For me speaking is quite hard. In the beginning, I didn’t understand much of what people were telling me and maybe I didn’t have enough vocabulary to communicate properly. Anyway, I did my best and what I liked the most about doing so is that here in Hamburg (I haven’t been to other cities yet) people are very kind. They love to see that you are trying. But if you still feel embarrassed and are willing to go a little further to encourage yourself to speak German, I recommend you to attend at least one of the dialogue groups (free and unregistered) of the city libraries. In each area you will find several options and schedules that accommodate what you are looking for, and you can share experiences with other people while improving your German and gaining confidence. So, don’t worry and let’s speak in German!