In love with Hamburg

Blog 3 by Ale

Moin, Moin!

When I knew I was coming to Germany and more specifically to Hamburg, I did a lot of research. I read and saw many videos and photos of the city, but none of that would prepare me for what I was going to see, and what I was going to feel when I arrived and lived here.

Hamburg is charming in every corner. I´m sure that every little place has history. It is a city that knows how to combine  its architecture with the past, the present, and the future, It´s cultural, where many of its activities are around art, but more than anything, I must say that Hamburg wouldn´t be so captivating if it were not for the people who inhabit it. In Hamburg you find multiculturalism, human warmth, and friendliness, also you can find a smile or a friendly hand that will make you feel at home every day. 🙂

Even though I love Bogota because it´s my “Heimat”, I must say that I´m in love with Hamburg because even though it´s the second most populated city in Germany, it isn´t overwhelming, and it opens its doors to everyone. You only need to encourage yourself to walk through Hamburg, rain or shine, to discover something new. If you don´t find it attractive yet, I invite you to visit the Speicherstadt, the port, Planten un Blomen or sit for a while in front of the Rathaus, or in front of the Alster in the Jungfernstieg. To enjoy good atmosphere visit the Fischmarkt or  go up to the terrace of the Elbphilharmonie to have a 360° view of the city. 😉