Your German Course in Berlin Alexanderplatz in January 2013

Your German course at Berlin Alexanderplatz in January 2013 will start on January 7th. If you are already participating in a German course at DeutschAkademie in December, you will have some extra time between your two German courses in December and January. The courses in December will end around the 21st of December since some teachers will do some extra lessons after that day.

In your additional free time, you can do useful exercises for your German Grammar. If you don’t know about our Free German Online Grammar Trainer yet, you are really missing a great tool to improve your German Grammar. You can listen to short stories in German or, if you are in the A levels, you can listen to Philip’s adventures in Berlin for free and train your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and listening skills in German. The Grammar Trainer is already being used by thousands of people around the globe, who all share the same interest: the German language.

Do you want to make a complete revision of Dativ – Akkusativ? (Don’t worry; it is absolutely common that even Germans mix from time to time, a typical mistake, for example, is when using “ohne” or “wegen”) Here is our free tool with over 4000 exercises! Get ready for a head start in your German course at DeutschAkademie Berlin Alexanderplatz in 2013. We are happy to inform you about our course offers. Book your German Intensive Course in Berlin at Alexanderplatz here.