Tips for your new German courses in Berlin

Sara, 07. Januar 2020

My advice for your new German courses in Berlin would be: be patient and be ready for anything. The language is difficult to learn and is very challenging. You need to give yourself time to take in it and to understand it. Another thing I highly recommend is to include German in your everyday life. I added German subtitles on Netflix; whenever I am watching something, I catch some words in the subtitles and learn something new. Another helpful tip would be to change the language of your phone to German. That way you are exposed to basic everyday words and end up memorizing them.

There are also good German shows I recommend to watch. “Dark” is a mystery-drama series available on Netflix with 2 seasons. Three classic German movies I really enjoyed are “Good Bye Lenin”, “Metropolis” and “Run Lola Run”. I highly recommend watching those movies in German with English subtitles. The thing to keep in mind while learning German is to practice as much as possible and to give yourself time. No one learns a new language overnight.