Adriana, 17th March 2021

Music is so powerful, that every time you hear a good song you want to listen to it a lot of times. My teacher at Deutschakademie always recommends that we listen to a lot of songs in German and try to understand the text. I always look at the lyrics when I listen to songs. When I really like the song I write it down, so I learned most of the new vocabulary that I use daily in Germany. When you listen to music it makes you feel happier! Now imagine that you also learn a new language at the same time — it’s great, don’t you think?

When you arrive to a country where they don’t speak your language, the first thing you find is music and at that moment you start to fall in love with another culture.

My favorite bands are Revolverheld and Berg. I learn German best in the following way:

  • First I pick a song that I really like and listen to it several times during the day.
  • Then I try to sing without reading the lyrics so I can improve my pronunciation.
  • Then I look up the lyrics of the song and start listening to the song while reading the lyrics.
  • Finally I write down all those words I don’t know and start writing sentences with each one.

This way I have learned new meanings of the words and also German proverbs.

I hope you will also enjoy learning this way!