We are all the same

To celebrate the end of course level A1.1 some of us went to have dinner together.

Hulda and her husband Igor from Brazil. They came to learn German for Ivor’s university needs and Hulda joined him. Ella from New Zealand that came to try and live here. Chia- Yun from Taiwan that I believe it’s the first time I wrote her name right after so many wrong versions of it. She also came to live here and I, who came 5 months ago to live here too.

We started with beer and clicked glasses starting with the German “Prost” and then one more time in every one’s language 

“Cheers” for English, “Gan bëi” for Chinese, “Brinde” for Portuguese and “Lechaim” for Hebrew. Then finally we started drinking beer and got talking about our dating experience with Germans as oppose to dating in our own countries. We all agreed that asking us to split the bill according to what we ate can drive us all crazy. Common people, nothing will happen to you if you split everuything in half. Luckily, I never experienced that with my Germans friend or with my dates. i was always paid for or i was the one to paid for them as well..

Then we bitched about apartment hunting in Berlin. I just found one after I was looking for months and Ella should go in to a new apartment after having to leave the one she was staying in and Chia-Yun that is still looking. We all agreed that the living situation in Berlin is crazy and it’s so difficult that you easily get to the point when you think you’re doing something wrong, and maybe you are the problem.

After an hour sharing these kind of behind the scene of ourselves and lots of hot and spicy Indian food, I was thinking to my self how funny it is that each and every one of us came from a different corner of the world, looks different and speaks a totally different language but when you sit down and get to know the person behind you find out that even if it doesn’t look the same, we are all the same.

From right to left-

Igor from Brazil, Ella from New Zealand, Hulda from Brazil, Chia-Yun from Taiwan and i from Israel.

Dinner together

Dinner together

My tattoo in Arabic that says "We ar e all the same"

My tattoo in Arabic that says “We are all the same”