Everywhere Europe is possible by train

Traveling by train has always been loved by my mother. I never understood why as a child. I would always prefer flying than train riding. I just want to get to the destination fast and quick. Or so I thought. As I grew older, I began to compare a lot. To make the most of what I can with what is being offered. Usually, to travel to an airport, to be able to finally be on your comfortable seat on your flight, will take roughly around 3 hours. Especially nowadays after the nine eleven terror, most airports start to be very menacing about their policy. Harsh tones over reprimanding instructions like, ’Shoes off please sir,’, 'Madam, your metal belt’, 'Excuse me, you need to step back to the scanning machine’, 'Is there anything liquid in this bag?’ so on and so forth. At the end, once you are seated on your sit, with sweat running across your forehead, armpits, and your entire back, you started to think, is this what it is coming to nowadays, for one to be able to afford a flight ticket. Luckily in Europe, since they are banishing this border control, you are free to travel wherever you like with trains. Of course, sometimes it would cost a bit more, but most often it is the same as taking a flight, or if you are a computer or Internet junky, you can get a way cheaper price. Considering that most train stations are placed in the heart of its city, there would be less traffic to get to the station. Here in Berlin, the connecting train station is the Berlin main train station called, Berlin Hauptbahnhof. From Alexander Platz, only 10 minutes short train ride and your possibility of discovering Europe is opening up in front of you. And normally train never get delayed unlike our last long flights before. I am sure you had experienced that one! So what are you waiting for? I hope I managed to make you guys opt for more trains rides from now onwards. Mother, I am with you now 😀 I love train rides. I got to enjoy Europe’s best views even before I reached my destinations. Brilliant!