Don’t Forget Your Ticket..

Hey there!

Good mornig. Well, maybe good morning sometimes is a matter of perspective isn’t it?

Well, this blog goes to those who are new to the city or maybe not so experienced with it. So, as I am new to the city, I didn’t make my transportation card yet, I have to buy ticket every time I want to use public transportation. There are many types of cards, some are for short ride, some are for longer rides but only for a few hours, one daily ticket.. the prices move between 1,7-30€ depends what is your need.

In case you decide to not to buy a ticket you are risking a 60€ fine! Of course it is also applies when you -forget- to buy a ticket… ahhh!!! And guess what? That’s what happened to me today:/

So if you have a ticket don’t forget it at home. And if you don’t have don’t forget to buy one. It doesn’t worth it 😉

And now I can only hope the rest of my day would be better 🙂 It is also the last day of my A1.1 level of Deutsch course in DeutchAkademie school!


I hope your morning looked better! Wish you a lovely day here in Berlin!


Comedy Night With My Classmates

Hello again!

-Recommendation blog 😊

I think my classmates are really cool guys and very nice people, so I came with the idea to do something together one evening after class I have some fun!

On Thursday last week we went to a comedy show just 12 minutes walk from DeutschAkademi school, through Alexanderplatz to Rosa-Luxembourg-Straße where the comedy show takes place. The show called “Cosmic Comedy” and it’s brilliantly cool place! I know this place from the last time I’ve been here and I went and really enjoyed it 🙂

Few reasons why this place is cool: at the entrance you get a shot of snaps (typical drink here), pizza coming half an hour before the show starts, there is a bar! Every week there are new participants from all over the world….

My friends from DeutschAkademi course really enjoyed from this show! And all of us enjoyed this evening together! It was very funny & fun evening 👍🏽😄

Try it out with your classmates too!

Ok, see you next time!





One more day to go

So there’s only one more lesson left, I’m a little sad. It’s been rather fun learning Deutsch, even though it’s so difficult. The fun factor is undoubtedly because of our teacher, her happy disposition definitely rubs off on us, otherwise being awake and engaged 8:30am would be a challenge! I’ll be continuing onto A1.2 in December, I really hope that I get Kirima again as my teacher, especially since December will have 4 weeks of course squeezed into 3 weeks, including Fridays; it’s going to be intense!

Today’s post is rather short and random. I’ve committed to writing 16 blog posts for Deutsch Akadamie and this post is my 15th! Needless to say, I’m running low on topics. My inspiration could have also been scared off by the dismal Berlin weather, it’s rainy, cold and cloudy. On days like this, I’m thankful for the candy stash that’s in every classroom on every desk. I’m also loving the free pens; much to my partner’s horror I don’t bother using pencils and highlighters, all I need to study is one pen and as soon as my pen ran out of ink I just picked up a new free one. Who doesn’t love freebies?

Stay warm and dry!



Happy Halloween 2017

Die DeutschAkademie wünscht allen ein schaurig-schönes Halloween
#Alexanderplatz #DeutschAkademie #mitSpaßzumErfolg #creepyMonday #Monster #Ghost #Halloween

Happy Halloween

So it’s the scary time of the year, where the occasional vampire passed out on the footpath. It’s Halloween!

In Australia, Halloween is not that much of a big deal. As a kid, I did try 'trick or treat’ but I did not do any tricks and I did not try to do it. Well, here in Berlin, it’s can be a big deal. And so, being last minute person, it’s too late to buy a costume so instead I draw on my t-shirt one of the weirdest and scariest error images you can get on your computer / laptop (see picture below). I think I was pretty scary.

There’s another halloween party this weekend, so I’ll don my nightmare inducing t-shirt, splash on a bit of fake blood, and weld a butter knife – I’m pretty sure I’ll be the scariest person there.


The game that’s spilt families!

It’s the last week of our A1.1 course, there’s only 2 more days left! Time has just flewn.

I won’t lie, Deutsch is a difficult language and every time I think I’ve got it understood we learn something new and I feel as lost as I did on my first day. Luckily our teacher devises activities and games to help us grasp new lessons. Today we learnt about Perfect Past tense, it was a tough lesson especially for a Monday. Hopefully after doing the homework I’ll start feeling more confident with it.

I just want to share with you a German game we played at the end of last week, we were suppose to use Deutsch small chat whilst playing the game, but we just got so engrossed in the game that it became about  winning and nothing else. This game is called Mensch ärgere dich nicht (don’t get angry). Gosh, at the beginning we were all nice and easy going, and then the tension started to build and everyone started focusing on not getting killed and winning. It was so much fun! If you get the chance, give it a go. Super fun and pretty much anyone, any age can play it. And yes, apparently this game has divided families, so check your competitive spirit.


Let’s get social!

Every week the below backboard at Deutsch Akademie, in Alexander Platz, get’s updated with activities and events. So far I haven’t attended anything, which is a shame because it looks like these activities are either free or cheap. So in the spirit of  Halloween perhaps it’s time to get social. I’m thinking of going to the Halloween party am Samstag (chucking in some Deutsch where I can). These activities are open to everyone, even if you’re not a student, so will to get your Social on too?


It’s time for the Doctor!

I’ll keep today’s post short, as I’m still recovering (mentally) from the unplanned needle stabbing at the doctor’s today. I’ll also try to  keep my whinging, about how hard it is to see a doctor in Berlin, short.

The highlight for today was how well I communicated in Deutsch. Somehow I had made an appointment at the doctors, with the near zero Deutsch I knew; that was 3 weeks ago, even for a simple GP visit you have to wait weeks! So I had grumpily noted the appointment and patiently wait. Today was the day. I rock up at the address, to find a massive square building in the place of the friendly doctor’s clinic I had imagined. The whole building was riddled with private specialists and doctors, where the hell was my doctor? After bouncing from one hidden reception to another, like a pinball, I finally found the right door. The first thing I said to the receptionist was „Hallo, ich habe einen Termin um halb drei.” I felt freaken awesome, I had officially said my first correct Deutsch sentence!  The elation was short lived though, it was all down hill from there, I didn’t understand a word of what the receptionist said.

What an ordeal today was, but at least my Deutsch classes are paying off.

The Coffee Break!

Hey everyone!

Let me tell you a funny story.

This day was a mess! Me and Sofia, my friend from class A1.1 German course in DeutschAkademie, ran late to class due to something we had to do, and it was the first time we entered late to the class. In Germany, the word „punctuality” has a high value. So of course Rudi would not wait for anyone who isn’t at class on time, he has a work to do and it is to teach us German! 🙂 Gut so Rudi!

You know these days that you wake up very tired and of course have so many things to do but because you are so tired it all become a big mass?! haha well, this day I was totally off! At the break time in class I said to Sofia I have to have some strong coffee otherwise… you know. So she gladly accepted to come with me to Einstein Kaffee right in front of the DeutschAkademie school.

The line was not so long but for some reason it took some time till we payed and got the coffee.
But hey! At least we got it!
Ho no! We looked at our watches… the break time is over and we are still here!
At the end we had to run back to class and of course we were late again! haha.. it’s one of these days isn’t it?

So here is a photo of me and my partner to crime.
A memory of this crazy day!

The most important thing is to keep your smile on your face and your head high!
And yes, we all have these kind of days that things doesn’t go as we planned or as we would like them to go, but as long as it come only once in a while that’s ok!

Cheers friends!!!!

See you,


Class Overview


My class in DeutschAkademie consists of people from different countries.

Our teacher Rudi is native German, he comes from Munich. He speaks German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and maybe more that I don’t remember. He uses German during the class but in case of need he can explain in other language too and also show the origin of the word from Latin and make this connection to what we know to what we learn in German and I find it extremely important and good!

In my class we are  I have classmates from South America, Europe and Africa and me from Israel in the Middle East.
Julain comes from Argentina, Silvia comes from Hungary, Dada comes from Nigeria, Julia comes from France, Marta comes from Italy, Javier comes from Chile, Leo comes from France-Italy, Sofia comes from Portugal, Giorgia comes from Italy 🙂

At class we are sharing each one of his culture and language and it helps to enrich our learning.
And here is a photo of us studying and having fun! (or just trying to understand Rudi.. haha)

See you next time!