ForstHaus, Strelitz: Walk in the Woods

I am from a country that only has one season all year round. But here in Berlin, I got to experience somewhat the 'real’ autumn, with leaves turning from green to striking yellow, or striking red, before falling off. There are a lot of parks and woods around in the vicinity where you can enjoy a weekend getaway or just a short half day trip. For myself, I had the liberty to stay for a short weekend trip up in Neustrelitz near Wesenberg, about 2 hours drive North from Berlin. We convoyed with 2 cars, driving up there from 230pm and we reached there roughly by 430pm on a fine Saturday afternoon. The driveway was magnificent. I could see different colors of plants and trees, a chromatic spectrum of purple, ruby, golden and seaweed green in between light beige, yellow and light green. The air is fresher out in the open land. You get to see windmills too. Once we entered the area of Strelitz, we were welcomed with their cute small town arrangement- a lot of small roads leading to rows of small shops, cute roundabouts, and finally leads us up to a harbor and a lake too. After a few minutes, we made it to our destination. It is called, ForstHaus-  our friend’s small family owned property that offers a 3-star restaurant and about 8 rooms to stay for a night or two. The owner is a family that runs everything around that property, from maintaining the rooms to cooking for their guests. What makes this place so special is that they do everything from scratch. Everything on the menu is taken freshly from their farm around this property. They have free roaming sheep, chickens, pigeons, pigs alongside their kraeutergarten that  covers herbs like rosemary, basil, dill, leech, turnip cabbage, lemon mint, mint, lavender and a lot more! We were all impressed with Annette, Wenzel, and their family. Not just they know how to cook and serve their guests, they also designed each room with all having differently unique characters- in its theme of the room as well as in its layout. Impressive! and I have tipped my imaginary Chapeau hat to Annette during our last bid of farewell as my token of highest appreciation to what they are doing. If you my dearest reader would like to take a short weekend trip here and would like to know more about this place, you can visit this link