Adriana, 11th March 2021

At first I always thought that online lessons were for lazy people. I was afraid that I wouldn’t learn anything and that my time in Germany would pass. Fortunately it wasn’t like that. On the online course there are many tools that will help you learn. With ZOOM, the platform DeutschAkademie uses for their classes, you can see the teacher’s screen. Accordingly she can send you videos, that you can understand faster. You can also write in your interactive book and have everything written down.

It is very important to have discipline and to want to learn every day more and more. I always do all my homework so I can come with new questions. I feel very proud when I learn a new subject and when I can talk to a German native and they understand me. At the beginning I thought «Oh Adriana, you will never be able to speak fluently with a native speaker» but here I am, I can already speak very well and I can watch and understand movies. I want to tell you that it is possible and that it is not a complex language as all people use to say. If you like this language, I am sure you will succeed.