A city to fall in love with

I moved to Berlin over one year ago and like many other Berliners, I have fallen in love with this city!  I visited Berlin numerous times over the last four years and each visit I became more interested in its culture, people and amazing food.

Although Berlin is a very international city, where almost everyone seems English, it is still apart of Germany and therefore, if you are to live here it is important to speak Deutsch, if not the basics.  I had learned some German before visiting the Deutsch Akademie but I needed help putting the pieces together.  I have been very thankful to my teacher and other students who have helped me in the Akademie.  I mostly enjoyed our hands-on activities, and that each of the classes have around 10 students, so the teacher is able to be attentive to our needs.

I would recommend the Deutsch Akademie to everyone, especially those want to get the most out of their German experience.