How to best prepare yourself for your new online classes!?

Fabio, 04. Mai 2020

Your new Online classes can be challenging at times, at home we have so many distractions, here is some tips on how to be able to put those distractions aside and get you focused and productive while you are in class.

Have the correct equipment, take advantage of those headphones you maybe only use for music, they will prevent you from noises around you and also increase greatly your understanding of what your teacher and colleagues are talking about, they will also understand you better, simple headphones with a speaker point can do a great job.

Make yourself comfortable, not in bed, a nice bright environment, preferably in a table so you can also write comfortably, it will make the difference and will not make you tired.

Lastly, try to be in a space free of distractions, that is a bit difficult when you live with someone else, but the noise around you impacts your focus in class, so ideally you should be in a room alone, TV should be off and phone away, remember, self-discipline is key to succeed.

How to enjoy your online classes in Berlin!

Fabio, 02. Mai 2020

Due to the current circumstances we all got confined to our homes and forced to adapt to carry on with our work or studies online. When is about learning German we all share the same thought that it should be done in a classroom with teacher and classmates to practice. Before I started the online  German course I was also skeptical, I tried the first classes to get to know the software, the dynamic and how I could best absorb the material and help my colleagues to also progress with learning the German Language.

The first and second classes I would say were an adaptation period for everyone, not differently from how is in a real classroom, you get to know each other, see how the teacher will lead the class, how the explanations and interactions will be. After this first couple of classes we all started to get familiar with dynamics and work together in order to help everyone understand the content and move forward. We started to have fun, make jokes and interact more and more, so with a little discipline and focus we are being able to make great progress with our German. 

About myself!

Hi, I am Fabio and I am from Brazil, I moved to Berlin six months ago, I have been living abroad for the last 9 years. One year ago I decided to move to Germany, because of it’s economy and forward thinking style, also because Berlin is such a cosmopolitan city that makes foreigners always feel welcomed, I had visited the city couple of times and chose to make a fresh start here, best choice ever. 😊

Before moving I have done extensive research about German Language School and quickly came across DeutschAkademie as the best option, the most important things for me were price, customer satisfaction and location. I have alternated between Intensive and Semi-Intensive Courses, with a lot of spare time I managed well the Intensive Course, but when I started working a Semi-Intensive was a more suitable option, the transition between them was  always easy because the modules are short and the school offers many options of timings.

For the past two months I have been doing A2.2 level Semi-Intensive online, in the next posts I would like to share with you guys my first experience with my online German course, also some tips to best succeed with learning German language.

So it’s your first day in Berlin, you hear the noises and the people, the new buildings and transit route confuse you.  You walk into a restaurant and everyone is staring at you and you feel as if you are in the spotlight, you have a feeling of panic and anxiety – what have I gotten myself into!? 

Don’t worry, we all feel like this.  Although, Berlin has a special vibe and makes everyone feel energetic and full of life, it can also be intimidating and hard to adjust to.  There are many people who come here searching for dream jobs, to make a networking connection or love. Some things will surprise you, others will make you sad. Just enjoy the ride!  If language is also something you are self-conscious about I suggest signing into an intensive course at Deutsch Akademie, in just one month you will learn so many tools to help you build your German language, it is never too early or late to start! 

Viel Spaß und viel Glück!


Practicing for your new German course in Berlin

For those of you who started a new German course in Berlin and find the winter months to be too long and depressing, I suggest you use those long nights in to be studying your German!  After living in Berlin for a few months, one thing you will begin to realize is that the weather is not always sunny or consistent!  Instead of tuning into your normal Netlfix series, I suggest you open a German language book or switch your show to Geman subtitles. There are many ways to get a head-start in gaining knowledge before your upcoming Deutsch Akademie course!  You will impress your friends and teacher when you show up for class already speaking, maybe even impress yourself 🙂




Since Berlin is the largest and most multicultural city in all of Germany, there is no doubt that it is home to some of the best international cuisine!  There are many Turkish and Arabic stores to make sure you have access to the best Baklava or dates, Asian restaurants which carry every variety sushi or Ramen, and some of the best falafel sandwiches can be found in Berlin, and usually for under €3!  It is also popular for food trucks and stands to pop up over summer, especially during a festival or outdoor market.  I personally love all the Middle Eastern Restaurants, truly like eating a home made meal! 

Although, many tourists and locals will rave still about their local Döner or Currywurst stand, don’t miss out on trying non-German cuisine during your stay.  There are lots independent and undiscovered restaurants waiting to be explored!


Any environmentally conscious individual will know the best way to lower your impact on the environment is to take action yourself.  There are lots of ways we can all be proactive and take advantage of what we already have access to in order to cutback on our daily waste.  One example, is by using public transport, walking or using a bicycle instead of taking your individual car. 

There are many public transportation options in Berlin, such as U-Bahn, S-Bahn, bus, tram, train (Zug), and countless walking or cycling paths.  There are also countless companies offering rental or cheap bicycles for you to use during your stay.   Many bike lanes in Berlin even have their own traffic light which is great for ease and safety.  Though, I still recommend using your helmet since Germany is known for their fast drivers!


Although Berlin has so much to discover and explore, don’t remain stuck on only traveling inside the ‘Circle’ of Berlin, go and see Germany!

There are so many historic, scenic and picturesque towns/cities in Germany.  From the northern cities and islands of Hamburg and Rügen to the far south such as Munich in the mountainous Bavaria.  There is so much of this beautiful country to explore!

There are many options to travel inside of Germany; either via train, bus, the famous Autobahn or flight.  I have traveled to the world famous Schloss Neuschwanstein, south of Munich.  A must see if you are a fan of real-life fairytales!



The music scene in Berlin is one of the best in all of Europe, even the world.  Over the year, thousands of bands/artists visit the city in hopes of spreading music to their fans.  Berlin is also known for their incredible DJ and techno scene, but Berlin also has a progressive Jazz, Indie and Rock influence.  During the summer, it is common to hear a quiet guitar in the distance as you are strolling home watching the sunrise over the TV tower.  Since Berlin’s club scene lasts well into the following morning or day, to me, it is truly the city that never sleeps!


Berlin is the largest and most international city in Germany.  It is also one of the most well-known and touristed in all of Europe.  You are sure to meet many new and interesting people, this can be especially valuable if you are an aspiring entrepreneur.  

Many ‘start-up’ companies move or stem from Berlin, there are really hundreds!  If you are looking find work or an apprentice experience starting from the ground up, I suggest you tune-into the Berlin network and get your foot in the door, before some else does!

Picture of another market, always something going on in Berlin!