Comedy Night With My Classmates

Hello again!

-Recommendation blog 😊

I think my classmates are really cool guys and very nice people, so I came with the idea to do something together one evening after class I have some fun!

On Thursday last week we went to a comedy show just 12 minutes walk from DeutschAkademi school, through Alexanderplatz to Rosa-Luxembourg-Straße where the comedy show takes place. The show called “Cosmic Comedy” and it’s brilliantly cool place! I know this place from the last time I’ve been here and I went and really enjoyed it 🙂

Few reasons why this place is cool: at the entrance you get a shot of snaps (typical drink here), pizza coming half an hour before the show starts, there is a bar! Every week there are new participants from all over the world….

My friends from DeutschAkademi course really enjoyed from this show! And all of us enjoyed this evening together! It was very funny & fun evening 👍🏽😄

Try it out with your classmates too!

Ok, see you next time!