Adriana, 5th March 2021

On the second of February last year, I arrived in germany. I couldn’t stop looking around me, I heard a crowd speaking german but I understood very very little. Then I met my host family at the airport. That day began my adventure. At the beginning it was very difficult for me. I had to go to the supermarkt and ask for meat and other things. I was very nervous and I didn’t understand anything. Using public transport was so confusing for me. I learned German on my own but I knew that I needed an academy to be able to speak with more people. A friend recommended DeutschAkademie to me and I was reading a lot of good comments, so I really wanted to start studying German with this academy. 

By now I can speak and write very well because I lived a whole year with a German host family. Last month I started a grammar course – that was what I needed! DEUTSCH AKADEMIE IS INCREDIBLE! I have learned a lot and now I understand things that I did not understand before. My teacher is so nice and patient, she explains very well and when me or one of my classmates doesn’t understand, she explains again. We are working with an interactive book. I have the book online and I can practice what we learned in each lesson.