Experiences from the best German school in Berlin

Sara, 13. Dezember 2019

Why is DeutschAkademie the best German school in Berlin? I like best that the classes are small and the teachers really pay attention to each student’s progress and the obstacles that they might be facing. This enabled me to work on my weaknesses and get the proper attention with topics that I struggled with. Since different teachers have different teaching methods that might not suit all students, Deutsch Akademie is ready to change your class and meet your needs to make your learning experience as smooth as possible. Their customer service is exceptional as they value each student’s experience and are always working on surveys to get feedback and improve.  

Another thing I really like about Deutsch Akademie is the study rooms that they have available for students and the free help that they offer there. I am unable to study at home or in a coffee shop as I always get distracted by small things. Whenever I went to Deutsch Akademie’s study rooms, I found myself in a quiet place where I could focus and get work done. The best thing about studying there, is that there are people ready to help you if you need extra explanation with something. I believe that this aspect of Deutsch Akademie is extremely important as it enables students to feel at ease and to feel supported. Let’s not lie to ourselves, the German language is extremely hard and complicated and some grammatical rules are so hard to grasp because they don’t exist in other languages… Instead of beating yourself over or looking online through German websites hoping to find the explanation you need, you can get an experienced person to explain it to you in a minute!