Berlin – where history becomes alive

Sara, 11. Dezember 2019

Berlin… what an electric city. I had learned a great deal about the dark chapters of its history in school but never thought I would be moving there. In parts of Berlin, one can still see the bullet holes and the aftermath of the wars. Parts of the wall that divided berlin for 30 years are still there, covered with colours for people to see. There are war memorials, museums, galleries and parks, all commemorating Berlin’s history. In what city can you walk through a park where a death strip used to be? (Mauer Park). In what city can you party to techno music, in a 27-year-old underground nightclub that served as a protest against violence with a mix of confusion and euphoria, all that to celebrate freedom? (Tresor).

A crazy thing I learned about Berlin was the abundance of parks and greenery in the city. There are so many green spaces in the city, ranging from small to gigantic parks for people to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Berlin is rated among the greenest cities in Europe. Tiergarten is a 210 hectares inner city park, located in the middle of the city. Templehof Feld is a former airport that is now a 355 hectares open space park, welcoming people to relax, bike, skate, walk their dogs. It is the largest inner-city open space in the world and is absolutely stunning. You can also visit Mauer Park on Sundays and enjoy good music, walk around the flea market and get yourself some yummy food. Being a public park, its name translates to “Wall Park” referring to the former part of the Berlin wall and the death strip. The park is located at the former west and east border.

There is always something happening in the city, from art events, to nightclub parties, there is something for every taste. The only downside is that berlin is so big that it always takes minimum 30 minutes to get from point A to point B. However, the public transport system is straight forward, most of the time reliable, it is safe and affordable. It also runs all night long on the weekends making it easier to go out and have a good time without worrying about how to get home. Berlin is full of life and possibilities, it never ceases to surprise you.