Dania, 20 November 2020

I started to learn German by taking the first course, the A1.1. During those 4 weeks in the intensive modality, we learned the basics and I got confident about using my German as it is. I stopped hesitating and started to use what I know. Of course I make mistakes and I don´t have all the tools, but I´m making a great progress just by trying and practicing. 

I recommend you to start speaking German from the beginning, with the words you know and the grammatical structures you can manage. Yes, it can be funny! During the first weeks of the course we learnt to use the present tense. So that is what I was practicing and sometimes I was using the present tense to talk about something that happened in the past. So what? It works! People understand and respect that you are trying. In the last week of the course we learnt the “Perfekt”, one of the past tenses in German, which gave me more possibilities and added another dimension to what I could understand and say.

And yes! The pronunciation in German is different and seems complicated at first, but after studying a bit we see that the rules are consistent and we get used to them. The only way to get things going and improving is by doing. Practice and practice! Eventually we will get it right, it will come! Now the A1.2 course is rolling with new challenges and information, I´ll let you know how it goes!

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