Hottest day in Munich

Blog 3 from Alejandra

Hello people from the world. Yesterday was the hottest day registered this year in Munich. It was 36 degrees. In my hometown in Mexico, which is a desert, it can go up to 40 degrees. So I am used to it. What I am not used to, is that many stores and homes (including mine) don’t have AC (in German: Anlage). So I am suffering the heat as I would in my hometown. It’s all right, I guess it makes me not feel homesick haha. And today, it has been raining all day long. Weather here is very extreme. 

Whenever the sun is out, I’ve noticed the Germans like to sunbathe a lot. They can stay there for hours. I can imagine they do this because the winter lasts 6 months. So I see myself in the future (hopefully) also doing this. 😂

Talk to you soon, Alejandra