German music

Blog 14 from Alejandra
Hi people from around the world! Today I want to talk about another thing that I think has made me get better at German and that is: music. In my attempt to immerse myself in everything German I started to listen to music, at first I think subconsciously I listened to music where they sing slowly or at least clearly. I started listening to a band called AnnenMayKantereit. I really like it. It’s alternative rock. Actually writing this post I just discovered they are coming next weekend to Olympiapark and now I want to go see them! Another band is called Wir sind Helden. I don’t think they make new music anymore but it’s alternative pop. I also found out about a very popular singer called CRO, he sings rap, which is one of the preferred styles of music in Germany. Other famous singers are Sarah Conor, NENA (which later made the famous 99 red balloons 🎈 in English), Xavier Naidoo and Lou Bega! I had no idea Lou Bega was German. Anybody remember Mambo No. 5? Here in Germany I discovered there is a type of music that is very bad and everybody refers to it as Schlager Musik. So even the people that like it, recognize it is bad but they love it because of it. I will give two examples in case somebody is curious, one is very lively. It’s called “Schatzi schenk mir ein Foto“ by Mickie Krause. And the second one is called Das geht ab by Die Atzen. This one is for party monsters. I find it very cool to learn with music. It comes more naturally and of course it allows me to know more about the culture and what people like. I sometimes play the Top 50 Songs on Spotify in Germany and discover a lot of new bands and styles. I deeply recommend anyone to listen to music in the language they want to learn. 

Have a good day!