Hi everybody! 

Blog 2 from Alejandra

I hope you are doing well. Yesterday in class we talked about the importance of mimics, gestures and body language. Especially when it comes to learning a language. I hadn’t noticed how important these were. I had also not noticed how often I used them. Then I started to become more conscious and saw the teacher used a lot of these and then when I was at a grocery store close to DeutschAkademie (called Edeka), where I just so happened to loose my coffee lid. (The yellow one in the last picture).

I started to ask the workers and unknowingly pointed at the absent lid of my coffee cup, just to make sure I was being understood: „Entschuldigung, eine kleine Frage. Ich habe gerade meinen Deckel von der Tasse Kaffee verloren.“ I have no idea if I said that right, but for sure my pointing at it, helped. Although I didn’t get it back, it helped me practice German in daily life situations. Everybody was also really nice about it, contrary to what is usually thought about people here being not so friendly.

Talk to you soon, your Alejandra