German cities

Blog 10 from Alejandra

Hello everybody! I hope you are doing well. Today I want to talk to you about a couple of German cities. I’ve been touristing a bit and got to know Darmstadt, Mainz and Frankfurt! Funny thing, Darmstadt translated to English means Colon City (Darm = colon and Stadt = city). It is a very beautiful and well cared for city. I’ve come to learn that in Darmstadt there is a very big university where everybody wants to get into, it’s more oriented to IT Technology stuff. It is called Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Mainz is also a very beautiful city, it’s a student city and has a big University also (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz). In Mainz people say “Mainz ist meins” which I found very funny. This area is very well connected, it’s very central and close to different cities. I actually first arrived in Frankfurt by train. From Munich to Frankfurt, it’s about a 4 hour train ride. It was very pleasant. Except that it had a Verspätung (it was going late), which I have come to learn that are veeery common in Germany! I always thought everyone and everything is on time. But, that is only a stereotype. So back to Frankfurt. It is a huge city, it has huge skyscrapers like the ones in New York City. Actually, it is very similar to NYC it’s like the Wall Street from Germany because all of the big Banks are there (that’s where the big euro sign is), the huge tall buildings, and it is a very international city. Last time I read, 50% of the population were German and 50% were expats. I also read that they drink a lot of apple wine. But I am not sure if that is also a stereotype haha. So far, I’ve enjoyed the whole Germany experience! Everyone is really nice, especially if they realize you are trying to learn their language and know more about their culture. 

Have a good weekend :)