Last day at DeutschAkademie

Blog 15 from Alejandra
Hi everybody! So today was the last day at class with DeutschAkademie. I’m starting to feel a bit nostalgic because it means that I’m going home in two weeks. I am pleased with Germany, with the few friends and people I met here, everybody is really super nice. I don’t know when I’m going to come back but I hope it’s soon, or at least early next year. Now I have to take the B2 Test and get my papers together. Germany really is a wonderful country, it’s becoming fast a land for emigrants which also means that it is more and more welcoming every time. We just have to put in a little effort and learn the language well. In order to feel better acquainted here, to have friends in the future and actually feel at home. I was very glad the other day, because my sister showed me that she had made an online order on a website from Bonn. It’s called Hola Mexico! It’s for Mexican Lebensmittel (groceries) so we were all very excited to eat salsas, beans and tortillas. With globalization, there probably is a way (i’m not saying cheap) to get what you want. At least at the beginning while one still has homesickness and is not fully integrated. What else is going on to wrap up my three month stay here… I’m sad there is no more 9 euro ticket haha but now I have been reading in the news that the government saw that this actually saved a lot of gas emissions as more people refrained from using their own car. So it looks like they have to evaluate what happens next. In about 14 days Oktoberfest starts here in München (Wiesn as the Bavarian people say) and I’m also excited about that. I am a mega fan of beer. I am not such a fan of football but Germans love this sport. Last recommendation about Munich, there is a spot in Englischer Garten where there are natural waves and people come there to surf. They even surf when it’s winter! Now, I can’t think about anything else…

Thank you Germany, it was a pleasure.