Improve your German via Instagram

Blog 12 from Alejandra

Hello everybody! As I said in the last post, I wanted to share with you some Instagram accounts that I follow that help me get better at my German. The first one is called Lerne Deutsch. The woman is focused more on a beginners level, as she includes a lot of material regarding the articles (der, die, das) for common German words and prepositions, etc. very important and crucial for a better understanding of the language. The second one is called Dein Sprachcoach. This woman is more, I would say for B1+ because she focuses a lot on commonly used phrases, the correct pronunciation of words and a lot of expressions. But her pronunciation is very very good I can understand her well, so I practice my hearing a lot when I listen to her. Both of them have their YouTube accounts as well. There are also a lot of podcasts that I listen to. By far the one that I have listened to the most is called “Coffee Break German”. It is great because it has so much material for all learners, beginners, intermediates and advanced students. The more advanced levels have short stories for you to follow through. I have been using really all that I can to get better at German, I have exposed myself to the language by listening to podcasts, watching German movies/series, following accounts or channels on social media, and also attempting to read in German (which I will talk about tomorrow). I believe that there is so much information and available stuff out there, that anyone can learn a language and take advantage of the globalization era. 

Have a good day!