Reading in German

Blog 13 from Alejandra

Hallo Leute! So as I said yesterday, I wanted to talk about my experience reading in German. Someone gave me a novel in German. I started reading it and then abandoned it because really it didn’t make any sense, I was barely understanding anything, searching for a word every 5 words that I read. It was Paulo Coelho’s Untreue. Then my sister suggested I read some of my nieces books. I thought it wasn’t a good idea, because they seemed childish and I thought I would get bored. But, really what happened is that I got very excited because I could understand what was written, and the books were actually lovely and very sweet. The first one I read is very popular in Germany and it’s called Bibi & Tina Hexerei und Pferdespass. There are films and more books about these two friends. I really really liked it, I think when my niece gets older and can actually read, she will enjoy the book. It’s about two friends, one of them is a witch and both of them love horses.

They have fun, adventurous and always stay together. The second book I read is called Erwin Moser: Man kann jetzt herrlich träumen. This book has various different stories of different animals like cats, mice and porcupines. I feel that both books really helped me expand my vocabulary with important words that describe feelings or actions that have to do with feelings like how to say sigh, grumble, mumble, groan, and lots of adjectives in German. Of course novels would teach me different words than regular language books that are more objectively oriented. But I think at the end to become fluid in a language, everything is important and relevant. I have two more books yet to read so I cannot comment on them yet, but they are called Ich bin ich, und du bist du and the second book is called Von Freundschaft, Abenteuern und vom Liebhaben. 

Good day now!