Das Bayerische Museum


as I have already mentioned that, in December we had a visit in the Bayerische Museum, it was also kostenlos and organized by the BildungsLokal.

We got two extremely positive and enthusiastic ladies as ’tourist’ guides, they provided the  interactive learning as it happened at the Residenz. For example there were four statues for the four season and they did put different objects onto the floor which belonged to different seasons and we had to place them to the right statue after naming them in german.

We also had the chance to see amazing old clothes, works of art, and our guides also prepared some games for us, for example photos of special nationalities or creating clothes for wooden puppets for special occasions from some residual textile material and we had to talk about them in german to improve our vocabulary and speaking skills.

At the entrance they had a ten meter high christmas tree, we have taken some photos with the girls in front of that. 😊

The course has continued today, that is pretty hard with the articles, but with the good atmosphere around we actually enjoyed it, mainly that we’re getting braver every each day in using the knowledge we  gathered already. 😊

Bis morgen,






Time for a break, I don’t think so

You might look at this picture and imagine yourself in a beautiful terrace having a drink with some friends, but the truth is that, this beautiful view comes from the Geography Library at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, here in Munich.
This beautiful library is the perfect place to come and study. All the surroundings are spectacular and I find it very relaxing, which sometimes helps me concentrate better. I said sometimes because other times, this view and the atmosphere at this place take my breath away and I find it even harder to work or study here. I try to focus on my work, with the perfect scenario and stillness, but the moment I look at this sight, my mind wanders off to any place except my duties.

The good thing about this library is that anyone can use use it, not only students from the University, but the books are limited to Geology, Earth science, Geography and Social  and Economic Geography related subjects. This library is opened from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10 pm, and from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays. It is one of my favorite places to study, since it is beautiful and its location is perfect, just a side from Königsplatz. I recommend everyone to take some time and visit this library or at least take note that it is a perfect place to come and work for a while, in the middle of the city.

Claudia Rendon

First week is done


we are over the first course-week. It was hard, but we enjoyed it pretty much. Today we were having a summary after the three lessons, which I find a really good and useful method for systematizing the things we learnt. Luckily Dominik is patient enough for our endless questions and keeps repeating everything untiringly. 😊

For relaxing learning we played a good game again today – everyone had to draw a landscape by the other person’s description beside her/him. There were some funny results and we all learnt a lot of new words by that.

You can see the drawings under and also one moment of the day. On the left side it’s my window reflection on my first S-bahn trip here. 😊

For the weekend I suggest you some practice with this lovely German film with German subtitle. I think this is a great way to strenghten our knowledge with fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdaIpLzTZgo#action=share

Schönes Wochenende, bis Montag!


Visiting Münchner Residenz

Hallo there,

as I mentioned already with some girls from the previous course (A1.2) we keep in touch out of school as well.

After the November course I tried to find a solution not to forget all the things we learnt.  After some searching I have found a place which is called Bildungs Lokal. A place for foreigners, where they can get help in the integration, language learning and organizes interesting free programs.

I applied to them and also did let know my classmates about this option. We had the chance to take part in two events already; first we discovered the Münchner Residenz in the citycenter, which was the bayern kings’ and princes’ palace from 1385.

The building was amazing, fully covered by gold, many of wonderful rooms with old furnitures and decoration, besides we also had pretty good interactive explanation especially for helping us in German learning; we had to make puzzle, recognize objects on pictures, making sentences and they also showed us special things, like parfumes what people used in that age.

The Schatzkammer (Treasury) is also available for the visitors, you can see many beautiful royal jewellery and interesting objects what they used in their everyday life.

Next time I will tell you about our second program in the BayerischeMuseum.

Bis morgen,






How have you been enjoying the city lately?
This days have been really calm in Munich and a proof of this is this picture.
Some people might not even recognize it or will not understand what is so special about all of this empty space. This space is the Theresienwiese, where the greatest German party takes place, the Oktoberfest. There are other festival also going on, aside from the Oktoberfest, like the Springfest and Tollwood at winter.  I love to pass by this location when there is nothing going on, since I find it somehow, relieving. To be able to contemplate such a popular place, where millions of people pass through, is very relaxing these days, since it has a completely different atmosphere.
Munich is like this, a dual city where one day you can find yourself dressed in a traditional Bavarian outfit transported to another time and another day, just jogging pass the same location or riding your bike without any concern. I cannot imagine all the stories that must have happen in this place, all the different generations that have visited these events and most important the interaction from people all over the world that have taken place. Sometimes people don’t realize all the history a place has, but I like to think about it and imagine how it has changed through time. I hope everyone gets the chance to experience Theresienwiese and its duality since it is unbelievable how much it changes.

Claudia Rendon

Back on the track

Hello again,

the second day was even better, we were more into the learning already. We love our Lehrer Dominik’s teaching style, he is really present, listens to us (even when we have to solve tasks on our own), has an extremely good, positive radiaton and a great way to explain things that we don’t get immediately.

To be honest I was a bit worried last year at the registration that the course was gonna be fully in German because I only learnt nur ein bisschen Deutsch 2 years ago, but then on the ’first day of school’ in November I felt the relief and enjoyed the lessons pretty much! During the course I realized that I understand more and more every single day, have less and less fear to ask for help in German – for example in a shop when I need to find something. It gives me motivation and more confidence.

And the course is also a good option to meet many  nice people from all over the world; Brasil, Thailand, Greece, England, Australia, India, France, China etc.  It is also very interesting to hear about different habits and tradition of other nationalities.

Today we learnt about relationships between relatives and many other grammar related things. We also loved the board game what you can see on the pics. 😊 (You can take photos of the caracole from the same viewpoint if you are standing right under it on the ground floor in the building of DeutschAkademie. 😉)


New adventures

Hello Zusammen,

Ich bin Szilvia aus Ungarn und bin in München seit Oktober 2017. Ich habe die A1.2 Kurs gerade beendet in der DeutschAkademie.

Warum ich Deutsch lernen will? Ok…  J In English it’s probably going to be more effective. ;)

First of all I think I’ll become just more by learning any kind of new language, and on the other hand I felt an inner urge to completely change my life, so I’m also supposed to find a job once I’ll get ready for that.

I tried online learning but it quickly turned out that I need the school structure for the advancement, so I googled for courses on the internet and found DeutschAkademie.

I believe in personal experiences, so first I visited the school and when I met those nice and extremely helpful people who were smiling at me even at the very end of their working hours, I submitted my application to the November A1.2 course and when it ended, applied to the A2.1, which has started today, and we are very satisfied with our new teacher, Dominik.

Today we were having some trouble with going back on the track of the German conjugation after three weeks break but it’s getting better.

It helps a lot that we continue the school with some girls from the November course. With some of them we still keep contact and organize programs in our free time – we were hanging around Marienplatz, doing shopping together, drinking hot chocolate, visiting Christkindlmarkts before Christmas and now we are looking for new adventures together. :)

Bis morgen




Back from the holidays

I thought coming back to Munich from the holidays would be cold and hard after visiting my home town, but the truth is that you can find beautiful and colorful places in each corner of this city. A simple sunset on Ludwigstrasse can make your day special if you take the time to stop and enjoy it.

Now that work, German classes and other routine activities are back to my life, I try to get through the day by taking pleasure on the small things that we usually pass as unnoticed. I am enjoying the company of my coworkers, going back to the gym after having abandoned it, and most of all, practicing and continuing learning German. I never thought I would say it, since it has been a struggle for me to learn German, but now I am eager to practice it. I am enjoying going out of my house and listening to German; even though I do not understand everything, I know I am in the right path. The growth is different with every person, some people are extremely confident and, without knowing much German, can communicate very easily.

In my case, I am more of a Grammar fanatic and haven’t managed to speak too much, although I can read it quite well. The courses at DeutschAkademie have taught me a lot and given me the chance to make mistakes and try again, now I just have to continue practicing. I guess it is always hard to come back from the holidays, but you just have to jump right into it and in fact, I am glad to be back home.

Claudia Rendon

Letzten Kurstag

Leider muss ich sagen, dass unser Deutschkurs fertig ist. Die Zeit vergeht schnell! Heute haben wir über den letzten Kurstag diskutiert. Wir haben uns entschieden, dass wir am letzten Tag ins Cafe gehen. Ich erinnere mich an den letzten Kurs in November, dass wir auch im Cafe waren. Wir hatten ja viel Spaß.

Manche Mitschüler werden leider nicht in Januar weiter lernen. Ich finde die Idee sehr gut, damit wir verabschieden zu können.

Wir treffen uns jeden Tag im Kurs. In einem Monat haben wir gute Freundschaft verbunden. Ich hoffe in der Zukunft, dass wir Kontakt knüpfen können.


Eines Tages bin ich noch eimal die Isar entlang gegangen. Das Wetter war perfekt! Mit Sonnerschein hatte ich gute Laune. Ich hatte immer meine Kemera dabei, um dort zu fotographieren. Als ich am dem Ufer war, fande ich den Anblick sehr schön. Der Sonnenschein scheint auf den Fluss. Die Farbe des Flusses war blau und klar. Ich habe einfach am Ufer gesessen und die gemütliche Atmosphäre genossen.

München ist eine schöne und gemütliche Stadt und sie hat mir sehr gut gefallen.