Top 3 Restaurants in Munich

Munich is one of the biggest cities in Germany. It has immigrants from all around the world like in every big city. Although Bavarian food is awesome, I have been also impressed by all the different types of cuisines you can find here. I have not been enough time in Munich to be able to try too many restaurants. However, I already know about a few of them that remain in my list of favorites:

  • Cochinchina: Cochinchina is a Vietnamese restaurant. Although it is a little bit expensive, its menu is worth the price. It is a good place to go for a special occasion. The ambiance is elegant and cozy. It is vegan friendly, and it has a broad variety of options on its menu. The service was very good in my experience. It is recommended to book a table ahead of time to avoid long waits since it is a very popular place in the city.

  • Blue Nile: I just discovered the Blue Nile a couple of months ago. The Blue Nile is a restaurant of Ethiopian food -yes, Ethiopian. I had my first experience trying African food in the Blue Nile and I got absolutely obsessed with it. I have been to two different ones in Munich. As far as I am concerned, they are not from the same owner. However, I particularly recommend the one in Siegesstraße 22a. You can make your own dish by selecting several meals and everyone´s dishes come together on a big plate to share in the table. A great option to go with friends!
  • Chopan: Afghani restaurant. It was my first experience trying Afghan food. This has been my most recent discovery. We had to order delivery since the quarantine was already started. The quantity of food was tremendous, but it goes within the price. The food has a lot of condiments, which makes it delicious but heavy to the stomach as well. I totally recommend the vegan plates and ´´The Bolani´´ in the appetizer section. Great pick to try to a new cuisine from the comfortableness of your home.

Blog entry submitted by Eugenia Sanchez

Das ist My Indigo

Munich has broad gastronomy. I was surprised by all the different types of food I could find when I first got here. From Pakistani food to Ethiopian: You can find plenty of places where to try these uncommon meals.

I have several favorite places to go to. I choose where to go depending on my budget and my cravings that day – that is a determinant variable. However, I have decided to tell you a little bit about one of my to-go places when I just want something filling, kind of healthy and price-friendly: My Indigo.

My Indigo is in Münchner Freiheit. It is a very small spot next to the U-Bahn station. To be honest, it looks like another train station type of place from outside. On the contrary, the place is super cozy, and it has a very beautiful decoration. It is small and it usually has a lot of people -because the food is so good. But it is a nice place where to have a pleasant meal. I have had a hard time finding middle price places where to eat in Munich. There are either very cheap places to eat street food or there are too fancy and expensive. Therefore, that is precisely my favorite thing about My Indigo. I am convinced it is standing in the middle of both worlds.

My Indigo bowls are the reason why I keep coming back. They have so many options for bowls! For vegans, non-vegans, with different types of bases or without bases at all. My favorite is the Vegane Erdnuss Bowl -with extra peanut butter of course. I am a peanut butter addict, and I just found a meal that goes perfectly with it. My Indigo has a very broad menu for all its clients from salads to noodles. The prices go from 8€ to 15€ depending on what you add in your bowl. However, the quantity of food in the bowl makes it all worth it. I recommend it to you if you are feeling like trying something different. And, if you are in the same mood as me, try practicing your skills ordering in German 😉

Blog Post submitted by Eugenia Sanchez

A Warm Summer Sunday

We have been experiencing ´´high´´ temperatures the last week although it is not officially summer. Anyway, 25°C is worth celebrating, isn’t it? I cannot help but to think about all the things I want to do in summer.

I enjoy doing a lot of outdoor activities during the summer. There are many plans to do: Barbecues, hiking, trail running or camping. One of the things I enjoy the most is eating in terraces. It is quite relaxing, and you can take advantage of the nice temperature.  However, warm weather is better handled when there is water around. That is why the Isar is my favorite place to go. I like more the beach than the river. But since we do not have beaches close to Munich, the Isar is a great alternative. The Isar is crossing Bavaria and Tyrol in Austria. It is not very clear the meaning of its name. There are plenty of theories about possible explanations.

However, most of them summarized one idea in particular: flowing water. The Isar water is fed by the Alps. Therefore, its water is cold most of the time. The river represents a major attraction for tourists the whole year because of the broad amount of activities that can be done. It offers fishing, rafting, sunbathing and plenty of shorelines. The Eisbach is the most known stretch of the Isar. It is a two-kilometer journey that passes through the famous Englisch Garten.  This path of the river forms small waves that surfers use to practice their skills -all year long. The best thing is that people get in there and swim, allowing themselves to be guided by the river´s strength. I had the experience of doing it last year. I thought it was going to be easy. Unfortunately, it was harsher than I expected it. The whole point is to allow your body to float on the river´s surface until you can get out. Otherwise, you get stressed and you are afraid of getting drowned like I did -but without need. There is plenty of people doing it with you, and everybody seems to enjoy it. Summer is a really good time to experience new things and enjoy Munich. If you are new in town, I recommend you check out the Isar and get the best out of it in this great time of the year.

Learning German Online

It has become very common online -everything, in the last couple of weeks. From Webinars, meetings, yoga sessions to a meditation retreat, this pandemic crisis has affected every single one of us. Unfortunately, it was very hard to predict this unprecedented scenario. However, it has been a wonderful relief to explore the unlimited sources that exist online nowadays.

Although the first week of my online course was face to face, I was not able to attend. Therefore, every single one of my classes has been online. It has been three or four so far – and I am loving it. I must admit, I was a little bit skeptical about the whole process at the beginning. I had so many questions as: How are we going to practice pronunciation? Am I going to have direct conversations with other students? Is my Wi-Fi going to be efficient enough for three hours?

I was unaware of how the application ´´Zoom´´ works. It has so many tools I never thought about and that I have been learning through the course. My favorite three tools you can use are:

The professor can share her screen, and she can make corrections or add texts to it. Therefore, she can correct grammar exercises that way. Moreover, she can also add a ´´white page´´ she can use as a board.

The students can be separated by the host into ´´break out groups´´ to practice speaking exercises (I found this very cool). The professor can jump in and out to answer questions.

Lastly, we can even have reactions and virtually raise our hands to answer specific questions! It often happens that we are all in mute while listening to some explanation. If you have any questions, you can click the raise-hand button, and the professor will call you out to speak. Isn’t it great?

The more classes we have, the easier it gets. Fortunately, I have not had any problems with my Wi-Fi neither.  

If you are in an online course and you did not know about any of these tools, feel free to explore it or discuss it with your professor!


Mein erster Schnee

Ich habe den Schnee gesehen zum erste mal. 

Am Samstag  bin ich nach Garmisch gefahren. Ich erinnere mich an dem Weg nach Garmisch. Ich war total begeistert, weil ich noch nie Schnee gesehen habe. 

Ich habe seit 2 Jahre von diesem Moment geträumt. In Mexiko habe ich dafür keine Gelegenheit, deshalb war es für mich fantastic. 

Am Samstag bin ich vor 4 Monaten in Deutschland angekommen. Es ist unglaublich wie schnell die Zeit vergehen . 

Ich hoffe dass, ich noch mehr Orte in Deutschland und Europa besuchen kann.

Das wichtigsten Tipps, die ich als Ausländer gelernt habe sind:

  •  Wenn du Heimweh hast, macht dir keine Sorgen. Nach 3 Monaten wird es besser. Dann findest du neue Freundinnen. Ein Tandempartner ist auch eine gute Optionen, du kannst die neue Sprache lernen und verbessern. 
  • Du solltest dein Heimatland nicht mit dem neuen Land verglichen weil jedes Land hat seine Nachteile und Vorteile. Besonders bei den Leute, Essen usw. Mein Tipp dabei ist, lass dich auf neue Situationen ein und sei offen für Neues :)


Erster Tag

Heute habe ich mein erst Deutschunterricht gehabt. Es war total lustig und fröhlich, die Lehrerin macht eine kleine Vorstellung über sich und jede Personen muss etwas über sich erzählen. Es war sehr interessant, neue Leute kennen zu lernen. Wir haben alle Länder im Zimmer. Das bedeutet, dass du über anderen Kulturen viel lernen kannst. 

Wir haben Leute aus Südamerika, Europa, Canada usw.  Wir haben alle den gleichen Zweck: Deutsch lernen, das ist unsere Verbindung. 

In ein anderes Land zu gehen, ist ein Herausforderung. 

Ich wünsche uns, dass wir in den nächsten 4 Wochen neue Kulturen kennenlernen und viel Deutsch lernen. 


Mein spontaner Besuch beim Ballett


Heute will ich etwas Ungewöhnliches erklären.

Eine komische Situation, die mir passiert ist, war in Gasteig. Es war ein Mittwoch Abend (ungefähr um 19:30). Ich hatte die Kunstaustellung im Rahmen des iranischen Kulturfestes gesehen und ich wollte nach Hause gehen. In der Nähe der Ausgangstür rief mich ein Mann. Ich kannte ihn nicht, aber er hat mich gefragt, ob ich eine Balletteintrittskarte wollte. Ich habe ihn ein bisschen komisch angeblickt. Dann hat er mit erklärt, dass er mir seine Karte geben wollte. Ich begriff es nicht und ich habe gefragt „Warum??“. Das Ballett hatte zwar schon angefangen, aber ich konnte noch hereinkommen. Er hatte den Anfang angesehen, aber es hatte ihm nicht gefallen. Deswegen wollte er gehen und mir das Ticket schenken.

5 Minuten später war ich in dem Saal, um diese schöne Vorstellung zu sehen. Es war wirklich toll!

Gross Jeanne

Mein Tagesablauf


wie ich es schon gesagt habe, bin ich Au Pair. Deswegen enthält mein Tagesablauf nicht nur den Deutschkurs. Ich bringe Au Pair und Deutschkurs in Einklang.

Um 7:40 bringe ich den kleinen Jungen in den Kindergarten. Wir gehen zu Fuß oder mit dem Roller. Dann fahre ich um 8:00 mit der U/S-Bahn zu Karlsplatz Stachus, wo mein Deutschkurs ist. Er fängt um 8:30 an.

Am Nachmittag habe ich Zeit, um meine Hausaufgaben zu machen. Um 15:50 gehe ich die Kinder abholen. Am Abend nach 20:00 habe ich noch Zeit, um mein Vokabular zu lesen. Ich finde es nicht so schwer Au Pair zu sein und Deutsch zu lernen. Ich denke nur, dass man sich organisieren soll, weil es ein bisschen anstrengend ist.

Gross Jeanne

Tschüss :)


Ich schreibe meinen letzten Text. Es war eine gute Übung für mich, fast jeden Tag zu schreiben. Es hat mir auch geholfen, indem ich nutze, was ich im Deutschkurs lerne.

Jetzt mache ich den C1.2 Kurs und ich habe mich für die C1 Vorbereitungsprüfung schon angemeldet. Ich habe 3 Wochen Pause und dann fängt mein nächster Kurs an. Während dieser Pause will ich wiederholen was ich im C1 Kurs gemacht habe.

Es dauert 2 Monate und dann möchte ich die Prüfung im Juni machen.

Für das Ende meines Jahres als Au Pair in Deutschland möchte ich noch ein bisschen English lernen.


Gross Jeanne

Deutsche Grammatik


ein Thema, das mir nicht gefällt, dass ich aber brauche, ist Grammatik. Am schwierigsten finde ich die Deklinationen. Ich habe sie gelernt, aber ich muss fast immer darüber nachdenken oder ich kann es nicht machen, weil ich das Genre des Namens nicht kenne. Deswegen sage ich oft etwas falsches, wenn ich spreche, weil ich schnell sprechen will.

Die Konjugation ist auch manchmal schwer. Man muss die unregelmäßigen Verben auswendig lernen.

Für mich ist es auch schwer den dynamischen Akzent zu sagen. Es gibt nämlich keine Betonung auf französische.

Gross Jeanne