Cinemas in Germany

Blog 7 from Alejandra

So I went to the movies. It is the second time I have gone to the movies in Germany. The first time was 3 years ago, and during the film (Mary Poppins) my sister started having pregnancy cramps. 24 hours later, my niece came to the world. On that occasion, we watched the movie in English, so the original language and I don’t remember if it had subtitles or not. This last time I went to a movie theater called Kinopolis and I watched Thor: Love and Thunder in German! No subtitles. It went “so la la”, so not so bad because any action movie is actually easy to understand and follow through. I’ve come to learn that most of the movies in Germany are dubbed to German. It is quite difficult to see a movie in its original version.

There are some abbreviations that indicate the language of the film. For example, OV means “Original Version”. So you will see a movie maybe made in Spain or somewhere else, just watch out for the subtitles, maybe there aren’t, maybe there are and most likely they will be in German. Another abbreviation is OmU which means “Original with subtitles”. This means you will see the movie in the original language (English, French, or whatever) with German subtitles. Finally, the abbreviation “OmengIU”, which means “Original language with English subtitles”, this is the one I would prefer of course. At least for now. But what amazes me is that the german people in general prefer to watch it dubbed to german. Well, actually maybe it’s the movie theaters that do this without consulting the people, but it is very hard to find movies in their original version, especially if you are not in an international city. It’s quite different from what I am used to. In Mexico there’s i dare to say 50% movies showing in their original version and 50% dubbed to spanish. 

Bis bald! (See you soon)