My first german interview!

Heute hatte ich meine ersten Vorstellungsgespräche, und das war ganz super! My interview went so smoothly, and this past week at the DeutschAkademie prepared me so well, as the theme of last week was “Arbeit und Büro”! So naturally, I learned words like “vorstellungsgesprach,” “vertrag,” “vollzeit-teilzeit” as well as “lebenslauf” und “schulezeugnis”! All of these words were very beneficial for todays interview, as of course these common terms came up during our meeting. I am also quite pleased to say that I understood nearly everything the “Chef” had said to me in German! I feel like I have come a long way since just 2 weeks ago, and I hope I can continue my fast progress! Hopefully my new german job will help me along the way!interview.jpg