Day 1: Word of the Day: Die Reise

My name is April from Sydney Australia (yes, like the month). Sounds like a distant land doesn’t it? Because it is. It’s a 24 hour direct flight, across sea and land of a total of 16,318 km from my doorstep to Munich city. If you take the vertical distance of Germany from its northern border of Denmark to its southern border of Austria just east of Zugspitze that’s equivalent to 19.5 trips! I’m a long way from the motherland, living in Munich for the last year to pursue a different cultural landscape and embrace an exciting role working for one of the world’s number one travel platforms. Each day I’ll present a practical tip of how I’ve embraced learning a new language as an absolute beginner. Buckle up as “die Reise” is a bumpy one.

Reise [Rise-Eh] Noun

to travel from one place to another.; the act of journeying especially to distant places. e.g. “Ich reise von Sydney nach Muenchen”