Caracas, Venezuela

It is normal to miss home occasionally. I have been six years out of my country, and it still happens very often.  The fact that my whole family still lives there, it is probably the main reason why. Sometimes I tend to feel homesick when I do not feel too comfortable with the weather. However, I realized that life is too short to be complaining all the time. Although it is fine to allow yourself to feel in a certain way, we should not allow it to be all the time.

My hometown is Caracas in Venezuela. It is in South America. There are three things I specifically miss the most from home: The weather, the food, and the people. Venezuela is right on the Equator. Therefore, there are just two seasons. It is either wet or dry, but it is over 20 Celsius degrees the whole year. Venezuela has every type of environment: beaches, forests, deserts, and snow. There are all spread around the country, of course. However, I definitely enjoy the beach the most. Venezuela borders the Caribbean ocean and it has beautiful beaches which you can visit all year long. Venezuela´s main dish is the Arepas. Have you heard about it? It is a type of ´´bread´´ that is cooked with cornflour, and it can be eaten with any type of filling! I love it, I still cook it sometimes and it reminds me of my childhood. People in Venezuela are very warm, they say hi with two cheek kisses and if they know you, they will hug you. Unfortunately, my country is in a good political situation right now. However, that does not stop people from caring for each other. That is one of the first things that comes to my mind when people ask me how my home is.

How To Make Arepas: Venezuela's Daily Bread Recipe – Sous Chef UK When I am feeling homesick, I call my family and I cook my favorite meal from back home. It is always a good fuel and it motivates me to keep working in my goals and to keep enjoying the amazing things that Munich has to offer.

Blog entry submitted by Eugenia Sanchez