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Last Day of course

So on our last day our class took a walk around central Munich. We met at 9:15 in front of the Rathaus and went inside. We walked pretty long inside. All I could remember was seeing amazing figures everywhere- of people and animals. All symbols of past times. We went around it, and I felt that I lost track of where we were. It was so huge and confusing full of stairs which are high and going round and round. Also it has so many sectors and wings that it seemed to me like a big labyrinth and if I were there alone  I would’ve gotten lost. After World War II, when everything was destroyed and they had to rebuild the buildings, they also painted the windows of the Rathaus and the paintigs are amazing.

After the tour around the Rathaus we went to Sendinger Str. and went to a Cafe there. We chatted a while, had some breakfast and coffee and then parted and wished that we would meet again. And I hope we will :)


Tests in Deutsch Akademie are easy for me, because I seem to be improving my skills by now.  I haven’t taken any tests out of the Deutsch Akademie though. I learned a lot, since being 2 months in the school. I have learned all the falls, present and future tenses as well as Partizip Perfekt. I have learned about how to build sentences, comparing adjectives and much more. There were tons of new words that we learned and practiced a lot at class, because the most helpful thing is to learn to speak, since one could be a bookworm, but if we don’t know how to apply the knowledge- it is useless. It has been fun, and I will continue next month too.


So today we learned about the Genitiv, it was interesting and by now it is supposed to be the easiest, but I don’t know why I still find it confusing. Maybe because I’ve known it for one day only. Anyways, today something interesting happened. I payed for my next course about 3 weeks ago, but today a girl from my class got the book for the next course. It was too easy, it was basically everything we’ve learned so far and almost nothing new, so the teacher said that for some people is good, because the knowledge settles down better, but she suggested that me and the other girl would probably be better off with the next course. So we went to the office and luckily, there were exactly two places left for the next course. So next month I will be in A2(2). I am so happy, I can’t wait to start speaking I think it will be fun :)


This is a great place, as I have mentioned before. There are lots and lots of places to visit and sights to see. As I have mentioned earlier in one of my blogs- Olympia is a great place to visit, but central Munich is even more authentic. The architecture is different compared to other places. There are great buildings- just walking around gives me the chills because I can still feel the atmosphere and history which passed by all those years.  The Frauenkirche is a great Cathedral, I would recommend also going to the Rathaus on Mariensplatz. Just walking around Munich is a whole new experience and there is no “best” place at least for me, because I enjoy it all.

Games at class

I have had fun doing any kinds of exercises at the Deutsch Akademie, we’ve had interesting texts to read like “what to do when you can’t sleep” :) but best of all I like the games. My teacher chooses different games almost every day and we play. One time we had a competition game- the class was divided into two groups and we had a sheet of paper with boxes and had to make sentences. We had to make 3 sentences and occupy 3 boxes, and we were going back and forth,because each team was trying get in the way of the others. It was really fun, because it also brought us together, since we had to unite our power and think as one. What made it more challenging is our teacher giving out or not points and timing our answers, so we laughed lots and had much fun as always :)

Going Out

Munich is a really diverse city with a lot of options of going out. There is a great night life, great coffee places, you just have to know the right stuff. Right now I am still experiencing it and looking for new places to add to my “favorite spots” collection. This weekend I went around Munich’s night spots. Two of the bars I went, I don’ even remember the names(no, not because I was that drunk, personally then I didn’t care about the names, because I was with many interesting people) but I remember them being on Sendinger Strasse (at least one of them, the other one was pretty close) After that we went to Pacha(a night club around Stachus) it was a fun night although the music at the club, wasn’t completely my type. At last we ended up at my best friend’s apartment and we had most fun there :)

Grammar in Deutsch

So far in my class we have learned Nominativ, Akkusativ and Dativ. I have learned that when there is motion involved with the verb- we must use Akkisativ. When the verb is situative – we must use Dativ.

For example- Ich lege den Pullover in den Schrank. – akkusativ – den Pullover (m) and den Schrank(m)

ex.2 : Der Pullover (m) liegt im Schrank. – Nominativ (der Pullover) and Dativ- im (in dem) Schrank

Also, we have learned Partizip Perfekt and it’s getting along good. Some the regular verbs end in -t, the irregular ones end in -en. For ex:

regular verb- bauen (3rd prs sg. baut)- gebauet

irregular- essen (3rd prs sg. isst)- gegessen

Also the verbs involving motion form the perfekt with “sein” instead of “haben”.

Ice Skating

I discovered ice skating long time ago but fell in love with it when I came to Munich. Before that it was just something cool to do, but I never really took the time to get to know the sport and explore its nature.

It really is an amazing sport and going public ice skating, I met lots of new people who are also fascinated by the grace of the sport. Every  time I learn something new, even though most of the times I am scared of skating too fast so I don’t fall. It gives my body freedom and lets me move my body in a way that it could not move otherwise. It gives me the ability to move as if on the surface of water.

My Favourite Sights in Munich

I’ve been here for about 2 months now, before that I came twice just for a visit. So far I like the Olympic Park and the BMW Museum. There is certainly a lot to see in that area. The Olympic Park is great for recreation- it offers sport activities, there is a beautiful lake and it really is huge. One can ride a bike there, or just walk. There are interesting roof shapes- tent like, but really massive and cool to look at. At the BMW Museum, there are so many cool cars that it doesn’t matter if you are a fan of BMW or not- it is worth seeing.

Free Grammar

It is actually a great thing that Deutsch Akademie offers free Grammar online course. I have tried it and found it very helpful. I do exercises of all kinds, because I want to improve my German in every aspect although I have found the Partizip Perfect exercises to be the most helpful at least for me, because that is what I had more difficulties with- remembering the exact form- since sometimes they end on -t, other times with  -en, and sometimes more letters change, but the more I practice the more I notice that I remember them, and sometimes I don’t even have to think about it- comes to my mind right away.