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Cologne Cathedral

The cathedral is without doubt THE landmark of Cologne and the center of the city. With over 6 million visitors a year, Cologne Cathedral is the most visited sight in Germany. The church is considered one of the most important pilgrimage churches in Europe. And you can even see the cathedral spires from the classrooms of the DeutschAkademie.

If you want a great view over the city, you can climb the 533 steps to the top of the cathedral. But beware, this is only for those with a head for heights, as Cologne Cathedral is the third highest church in the world!

nach Deutschkurs Köln entdecken - Karneval

Cologne Carnival

Cologne and carnival go together like German and the DeutschAkademie! The folk festival is celebrated by millions of people every year! People parade through the streets of the city with large carriages, colorful costumes and plenty of sweets and the well-known chant of "Kölle Alaaf" can be heard everywhere.

Carnival is also known as the fifth season. It traditionally begins on 11.11. at 11:11 am. The carnival peaks from Weiberfastnacht to Ash Wednesday, which is slightly different every year, in February or March.

nach Deutschkurs Köln entdecken - Hohenzollernbrücke

Rhine & Hohenzollern Bridge

If our heads are spinning after the German course, we can relax with a walk along the Rhine. Germany's longest river flows through Cologne, where we can also discover the city from the water on a boat tour, for example!

Or we can stroll across the Hohenzollern Bridge. Love is even visible there, as many people immortalize their relationship here with so-called love locks. As a sign of eternal fidelity, the lock is attached to the bridge and the key is then thrown into the Rhine - 40,000 of these locks adorn the bridge!

nach Deutschkurs Köln entdecken - Pride

Queer Culture & Cologne Pride

Cosmopolitan, tolerant, lively, colorful and diverse! Cologne stands for queer culture and is a stronghold of the LGBTQ* scene. The city has one of the largest LGBTQ* communities in Germany. In the most colorful street in Cologne, Schaafenstraße, the scene and its friends come together in queer cafés, bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs and associations.

A special highlight is Cologne Pride, where over a million people celebrate love every year. This makes the Cologne Pride parade the largest event of its kind in Europe.

nach Deutschkurs Köln entdecken - Kiosk

Büdchen / Trinkhallen / Kiosks 

Need a coffee boost before learning German? Forgot your pen and pad for class? Or something sweet as a reward between studying and homework? There is one (or many) very special place in Cologne that has everything you need and can be found almost everywhere: the kiosk.

Kiosks can be found in every neighborhood and with over 1,000 of them, Cologne is the kiosk capital of the country. Almost every Cologne resident has their regular or favorite kiosk. Which one is yours?

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