~ Der Dreizehnte: February Favorites ~

Hallo zusammen!

So this blog entry will be a little but different from others, as it will not really be me blogging about Deutsch Akademie or Berlin, but more about things that I’ve enjoyed whilst in Berlin. Since February is coming to an end, these are my February Favourites.

  • Music: The music that I’ve been recently blasting through my earphones while on the S/U-Bahn is actually from a genre that I’ve only recently started listening to: Jazz! And now I don’t mean new age Jazz. I’m talking about classic Jazz from the 20’s to the 40’s. Incredibly enough, you can listen to music that’s almost a hundred years old on that app! Now this kind of music is not for everyone but if you want to hear something different, I suggest Sidney Bechet („Petite Fleur“ is my favourite right now), Annette Henshaw, and Mildred Bailey.
  • Tv: So coming from America, where there are thousands upon thousands of programs that I can watch, to Berlin where there are only a select few provides a very big change. Honestly, I was never a huge TV watcher in the first place. Netflix has been my best buddy these past few years and luckily, Netflix DE is just as good as Netflix in USA. This last month I have been into Black Mirror, which is a great sci-fi drama series about technology, and Rick and Morty, which is an adult animated series full of crazy scientific plots and very funny weird jokes.
  • Restaurants: Ok, so as I have mentioned in a previous blog post, I came from California. Over there, there is incredible authentic Mexican food that I would eat quite often (I love Mexican food, probably mainly because part Mexican but also because it tastes great lol). Now that I’ve been here for a month, I was starting to get an itch for the familiar cuisine again, and I think I found a great place. It’s called Dolores It is an absolutely great Mexican place where you can make bowls and burritos for a great price, and there are two of them placed conveniently at Wittenbergplatz and Alexanderplatz.
  • Shopping: So, if you have been in Berlin for longer than a week, then you are obviously familiar with the big department store in the KuDamm known as KaDeWe. Although it may have great things to offer, it is definitely very expensive, and a budget-ing girl like me cannot afford to spend 100 Euros on a shirt, so… I go to Humana! Humana is a chain of Vintage and Second-Hand clothes shops located all around Berlin. You can find great deals there, all the way from 1 Euro T-Shirts to 20 Euro leather jackets! Also, you are probably familiar with Flohmärkte, but which ones? The one I went to last weekend was in Treptower on Eichenstraße. I a few great things and even saw some really cool antiques. I’ll include a picture of one that caught my eye below. Now I don’t know how fond you are of used items, but if that doesn’t bother you that much, then I strongly suggest you go check these two places out! Until next time, bis bald!

    Check this thing out!



~ Der Zwölfte: Potsdam am Nacht ~

Hallo zusammen!

So Saturday I went to Potsdam for the first time since I have arrived in Berlin. Wow! It’s absolute beautiful. There is such a huge mix of old historical Sehenswürdigkeiten and new modern buildings. It’s even an UNESCO Heritage sight! Unfortunately I only got to see a small fraction of Potsdam, which was just the famous Brandenburgstraße and the Holländisches Viertel. I still missed Sanssouci (which means „no worries“ apparently), many museums, Neue Palace, Babelsburg Park, and much more. Both were beautiful and full of shops and restaurants. Since pictures are worth a thousands words, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Visit Potsdam! Go go go! Bis Bald!


Cute little American inspired restaurant

-Milan ✌︎

~ Der Elfte: Freunde? ~

Hallo zusammen!

Now that it’s nearing the end of the course (with the last week already starting tomorrow) I just wanted to give you a quick update on my experience. So, I really do think that in the last three weeks, I have learned more than I did in six months at another Deutsch Sprachschule. The lessons and quality of the teaching surpasses all that I could have imagined. Sometimes you look at vocabulary words and think to yourself, „Ok, when will I ever use that?“ But then, surprisingly, a few days later, you find yourself in a conversation with someone else using the same exact words you doubted would ever come in handy.

Honestly one of the greatest things about this course that they don’t even advertise is that it is the best way to meet friends. When I first came to Berlin, I was so worried making friends was going to be difficult, but Deutsch Akademie classes have facilitated the friendship process so much. I mean, you already have one huge thing in common with everyone at D.A.: you’re trying to learn Deutsch!   All the friends I have in Berlin right now, I met either at a Deutsch Akademie Stammtisch or the Deutsch Akademie class itself. Just the other day, I went out with one of them and had a great time.

On Friday night, we went to this awesome bar right by Warschauer Straße called Fitcher’s Vogel. And you can’t tell many people thought it awesome as well, because it was extremely crowded. We even got there pretty early (21:00) for bar standards and it was still filled to the brim with people. Luckily we managed to get a seat at the bar and enjoy a few drinks (the selection was awesome) If you go, I highly recommend the Mexicaner shot, although not if you don’t like spicy because oooh! that baby had a kick! We met and laughed with the people next to us, and overall had a great time. I would like to say though, that since its within the rules to smoke inside, by the time you leave your hair and all your clothes will reek of stale cigarette smoke. But if that doest matter to you then, Godspeed!

Very nice drink menu with good prices!

Bis bald!


~ Der Zehnte: German Mannerisms ~

Hallo zusammen!

So as I have mentioned before in a previous Blog post, I come from America (the USA to be exact). Now we Americans are known for our annoying characteristics, mainly our volume and brashness. We tend to speak freely, and most of the time quite loudly. Now in America, no one thinks twice about it because we’re al loud haha, but when you travel, especially to a place such as Deutschland, you have to realise how truly terrible your actions are. Now if I wanted to write a list of all of the stereotypical American attributes, I would be writing all night. And plus, we’re not in America, wir sind in Berlin, Deutschland! So with that being said, maybe lets focus on some Berliner attributes. Now of course this is not all Berliners, but just the general sort. And disclaimer! None of these are insults or bad, simply just objective observations made by an outsider trying to become a Berliner. So, with that being said, lets begin shall we?

So first and foremost, and probably the most important: Berliners put their ketchup ON TOP of their Pommes. Now that may not seem like such a big deal to you, but wow! It is very irritating to me when I buy a side of Pommes and by the time I finish, there are those two or three soggy ketchup soaked fries from the bottom. Now of course, I sound like a large complainer, and I probably am, but what can I say? I’m a ketchup on the side kinda gal.

Most people I have come across in Berlin tend not to say excuse me. They normally just try to squeeze in what little space there is without trying to bother you haha.

Next, I have noticed how healthy (or at least healthy looking) and active Berliners are. Often times in America, the people you see are lazy and a bit overweight. And of course, weight doesn’t necessarily correlate to health, but in America the obesity rate is very high and the overall average health level of people is very low. I notice here, in Berlin, many people are always riding their bicycles, taking the stairs, and just walking a whole lot more in general. People here, tend to be a bit more environmentally friendly, such as carrying their own Einkaufstasche with them instead of buying paper bags, or actually recycling items. This can also play into why people ride bikes so often. It’s a good way to help the environment, stay healthy, and save money.

A funny little thing I noticed, is that most Berliners stay waiting for the little green Ampelmann! Even if the Straße is completely clear, they will not walk until the light is green.

Perhaps the funniest thing I have seen people in Berlin do within this last month, is translate traditional German anecdotes and sayings into English. Now I’m sure, regular Berliners don’t actually use these English sayings (why would you if they sound better in German?) but I still think it is very entertaining to see what some people think we native English speakers say. I included some pictures of these amusing English sayings I found on cards in a little shop.

I see why they thought „Heartly Luckwish“ was a real saying (Herzlichen Glückwunsch) aber what about „Now We Have the Salad“? Where did that come from? lol

To those of you not from Berlin/Deutschland originally, what else do you notice about the awesome people here? If you have any observations, comment down below! Would love to see what you have noticed :) Until then, bis bald!



Fotos vom 2. Stammtisch im Februar

Liebe Teilnehmer,

vielen Dank für euer zahlreiches Erscheinen bei unserem Stammtisch im Café Berio! Wir gratulieren den Gewinnern unseres Faschings-Quiz und wünschen viel Spaß mit den Bildern vom gestrigen Abend.

Bis zum nächsten Stammtisch!

Euer DeutschAkademie Team

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~ Der Neunte: Stammtisch 2 ~

Hallo zusammen!

It’s me again. Oh Gott! Can we talk about the weather today? I am sorry, but it was terrible! Now I love the rain, and I love the cold, but when you put them both together and then add wind, it creates a terrible disaster. At one point during the day, a gust of wind blew so hard that my umbrella went backwards and completely broke, resulting in my having to throw it away! Ay ay ay!

Anyways… So today was Stammtisch Nummer 2! This time is was at Cafe Berio in Nollendorfplatz, which was great because it’s only one short U-Bahn stop away from Wittenburgplatz Deutsch Akademie. You could walk the distance, but I don’t think anyone wanted to in this weather. It was the perfect night to just stay home and watch a film, but that is my innerer Schweinehund talking, so I went! When I got there, I said I was with Deutsch Akademie and they automatically showed me upstairs to a quaint private section just for us. Unlike Cancun, this place was quiet and a bit smaller, cozier too. I saw some of the awesome people I met at the last Stammtisch and talked to them for a little while before going to another table to meet new ones.

Cute little Cafe!

The table I was at was full of great people from all over, including someone all the way from Indonesia! They were nice and we all had a big „Prost!“. I ordered a Berliner Wiesse Grün (if you have never tried it, I recommend it… its very sweet but it’s a fun drink if you like beer!)


Like at the other Stammtisch, we had name tags and about an hour into it, the Deutsch Akademie staff handed us fun quick little activity papers. Today we had to draw our favourite Faschingskostüm! Oh and almost most importantly, the food was good too!

Kartoffel Suppe!

Unfortunately today I couldn’t stay late because I have to get up early tomorrow, but I was able to enjoy the small time I had during the Stammtisch. If you haven’t gone to any yet, please go to the next one. It’s a great way to meet new people whether you’re new to Berlin or not, and just an overall fun activity to do if you have the night free. If you see me at the next Stammtisch, don’t be shy, say hi! Just look for the brunette girl with the „Milan“ name tag. Until then, bis bald!

They won a prize for their drawing!


~ Der Achte: Study Tips ~

Hallo zusammen!

So it has come to my attention that some of my Wittenbergplatz Deutsch Akademie student mates are having a bit of a hard time remember certain aspects of Deutsch. Now, I am not perfect either but over the years I have developed some help study habits that help me remember information efficiently. Of course I do not have all the great tips, but I will share the few I have with you. And if any of you are reading this, feel free to comment more tips you have down below!

  • First tip: TAKE NOTES ! Very important! If you have notes, go home and review them every night. If every night is too often and you are very busy, try to do a review at least every other day. It’s very important to keep the information fresh in your mind, especially if you are not utilising/speaking it all the time.
  • Use flash cards to help memorize the past tense version of verbs. Can also be used to memorize      the Artikel of words, or just vocabulary in general.
  • Like I mentioned above, if you are not speaking to others auf Deutsch often, then try to speak to yourself. Of course it may seem a little silly, and you don’t need to do it public haha, but if you are at home, try to ask yourself questions and answer them in Deutsch.
  • If you have trouble memorizing the Artikel of the nouns (der/die/das), you can write them in colors in a notebook, in a folder, on loose papers, etc. For example, if you’re writing your vocabulary, you can write masculine words in a black pen, feminine words in a red pen, and neutral words in a blue pen. You could also underline them in colors to help your brain connect a pattern between the color assigned to the gender and the word.

    Color by Artikel (please excuse the messy writing)

  • On your free days, or when you finish the course, go back and do the exercises in the Arbeitsbuch that weren’t assigned to you by your instructor during the course.
  • Try to read German books and watch German TV Shows/Films (with or without subtitles).

Hopefully you utilise some of these tips, and they actually help you! If not, I do apologize! Bis bald :)


Kulturprogramm im Februar

Liebe Teilnehmer,

am letzten Freitag hat uns unser Kulturprogramm zur Topographie des Terrors gebracht.
Es war eine sehr interessante Führung durch das Dokumentationszentrum und wir konnten einiges über die deutsche Kriegsgeschichte und Nachkriegszeit lernen. Anbei gibt es noch ein paar Fotos für euch zum Anschauen.

Euer DeutschAkademie Team


~ Der Siebte: Schokolade! ~

Hallo zusammen!

Heute habe Ich einen Rundgang durch Mitte gemacht! And if you’ve never been to that part of town, I definitely recommend it! In Mitte gibt es viele Sehenswürdigkeiten, but my favourites had to be the Konzerthaus and the surrounding buildings. The architecture of these are truly incredible, and seeing the difference between them and the more modern shops/buildings around them was very interesting. A whole square of history right smack dab in the middle of a modern city.

By the square, there is an incredible Chocolatier place named Fassbender & Rausch. OMG! This place was insane! They had truffles and chocolate of all different flavours including generic ones such as Himbeer and Espresso all the way to super unique ones such as Limoncello and Tiramisu! The best part had to be the enormous chocolate statues. Words cannot do them justice, so here are pictures!!!





Lastly, I walked up to Mall of Berlin and Potsdamer Platz, which is incredible in its own right and deserves a whole new blog post on its own.

Enjoy these Bilder for now! I need to get some rest after a long day. Bis bald!

-Milan ♟

~ Der Sechste: Das Fußballspiel ~

Hallo zusammen!

Today I had a great day at (as you can tell from the title) a Fußballspiel, and I wanted to share my experiences with you all in hopes that you too attend a local Fußballspiel! So the game I attended was Hertha BSC v. Bayern München, which was very difficult because I love both teams! But eventually, I chose to root for Bayern because they’ve been my team for years. So, with my old Bayern sweatshirt that I bought from Karstadt Sports, I made my way to Olympia Stadion. 

When I got there it was obviously incredibly crowded and it took about a half hour to actually get inside the Stadion and sit down. In the Stadion, there is an obvious Hertha side (Ostkurve) and then the obvious Bayern side, and I was seated right in the middle of both with a mix of Hertha fans and Bayern fans all around me. Once the game started, I could automatically feel the incredible energy and adrenaline off the fans in the stands and the players on the field. Both sides were chanting and pounding, swinging their scarves (I didn’t bring one, what a shame) and waving their flag.The first goal was made by V. Ibišević in Hertha (to which half of the Stadion screamed until their lungs gave out) and then a goal was made by R. Lewandowski in the extra five minutes added to the game. Many excellent shots from Bayern were blocked by Hertha’s great goalie and vice versa. Of course in the middle of the match, there were a few falls, and even a few yellow cards to accompany them. At one point in the game, one whole row of fans got into an argument that had to separated by workers from the Stadion.

During half-time, I walked out, amongst the throngs of people rushing to use the restroom and get some refreshments, and got a nice hot really low alcohol content Glühwein, also know as „Stadionpunch“ and some tasty Pommes. Restroom lines, of course, were longer than heck but I managed to get back to my place in time. By the time the game was over, several people had left early (they missed Bayern’s goal at the 90+), but that didn’t mean that there still weren’t thousands of people trying to rush out. When I got to the S-Bahn, I had to wait for four trains by the time I was able to squeeze onto one. Overall, I absolutely loved the game and the experience I had attending it. I hope to go to many more in the future, and I hope you go to some as well! Bis bald :)

-Milan ⚽︎